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Departmental Honors

Students as Scholars

This is a list of students who earned departmental honors at graduation.

Kate Elizabeth Altman ( )
The Litter Sister Complex: Figurative Paintings of Girlhood

Africana Studies

Alexandra Uka Amaka Agiliga ( 2013)
Reclaiming and Asserting Sexual Agency: Black Women in Sadomasochism

Livia Noel Ball ( 2024)
"This is me, I am Kuchu!": LGBT 'Othering' and Activism in Postcolonial Uganda

Janaiya Banks ( 2019)
Beyond Scared Straight: Shucking and Jiving in a New Age

Lilly Eidelberg ( 2023)
Black Queer and Here: The Evolution of Black Queer Zines 1960s-Present

Quadrese Glass ( 2019)
Keep Up Signifyin(g)!: Black Boys' Revision, Repetition, and Response to Censored Speech

Reginald James Glosson ( 2014)
No Vote, No Freedom: The Black Existential Problematization of Voter ID Laws

Celeste Hopson ( 2024)
Deriving Realities & Chasing Oral Stories: Tracing African American Oral Tradition in the I AM ATHLETE for Depictions of Black Athletic Experiences

Helen Howell Owen ( 2024)
Climate control: the small school politics of racial incidents

Grace Perry ( 2011)
Resisting the Machine: Toward a Theory of Transnational Feminist Anti-Capitalism

Elizabeth Anne Stuhr ( 2012)
A New Kind of Self-Interest: Africanist Approaches to Aid in West Africa

Naji Nazima Thompson ( 2019)
"No Negro could be a United States citizen": Black American Citizenship and In-between Spaces in the Works of Sutton Griggs and Frances E.W. Harper

American Studies

Melissa Alice Canu ( 2013)
From the Dreamhouse to the Whitehouse: Barbie, Femininity and Power in the United States

Cathy Lee Costa ( 1996)
Departmental Honors in American Studies

Catherine Martina Creme-Henry ( 2008)
Pink Noise: Deconstructing the Popular Discourse of Breast Cancer

Ashley Ann Davis ( 2013)
Cosmopolitan Magazine Exposed: Exploitation, Sexuality, and False Liberation

Jason William Denaburg ( 2016)
A Gun to Our Head? American Imagination of the Russian Character Since 1946

Lauren Ayn Diamond ( 2010)
"Never Underestimate the Power of a Big Gold Frame": Deconstructing the Ideological Powers of the Museum and Understanding the Development of the Curatorial Profession

Leah Melanie Kaplan ( 2011)
A Forgotten History: The 1930s Student Movement

Patricia Ann Kotrady ( 2016)
Consuming Authenticity: Deconstructing "Do-It-Yourself" Punk Rock Ethics in Philadelphia

Alexis Ellyn Kuzma ( 2013)
Challenging the Oppression of Motherhood and Preserving Normative Femininity: Women's Agency in the Hot Mom Trend

Ashley M Lakin ( 2006)
The Popular Construction of Breast Cancer: Examining a Paradigm of Pinkness

Melanie L Lowe ( 1985)
Contemporary Images of Feminism as Viewed and Interpreted by College-age Women

Elizabeth Emily Mudge ( 2014)
Narrating Death in a Culture of Denial: Stage IV Cancer Narratives Told Through Blogs and Memoirs

Aidan Brown O'Shea ( 2011)
Worshipping to Control: The Public Memory of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the American Political Right

Elizabeth Nadia Roy ( 2024)
What Lies Ahead: Capitalist Realism and Collective Utopia in AMC's The Walking Dead

Leah Judith Shafer ( 2014)
'A Joy to Watch': How Julia Child Reimagined Domesticity and the Domestic Space

Lauren Michelle Zazenski ( 2007)
The Social Construction of Cocaine: Examining the Dueling Identities of Crack Cocaine and Powder Cocaine as Presented in American Film, Laws, and Religion


Christine Abrams ( 1981)
Mental Health Care for Chronic Patients: A Report and Analysis

Emily Gina Marie Angelucci ( 2024)
Museum of the Bible: Misdeeds, Mistakes, and the Consideration of Neutrality

Anabella Giselle Atach ( 2008)
The National Institute of Anthropology and History and "The Others": Different Perspectives on Issues of Patrimony

Elliot Barr ( 2023)
Black-Blanc-Beur: Post-Colonial Frenchness and the French National Football Team

Cynthia Louise Baur ( 2016)
An Analysis of the Local Food Movement in Carlisle, Pennsylvania

James M Bond ( 1984)
Forensic Anthropology: Applications of Physical Anthropology in the Medico-legal Investigation of Death, with Special Reference to the Case of the Unidentified Skeleton Found in the Woods of Bethany, Pennsylvania

Therese Elizabeth Busby ( 2024)
College Fasion: Clothing as a Social Currency

Eric J Deitch ( 1985)
On the Interpretation of Miocene Hominoids

Olivia Grace Ellard ( 2020)
Examining Impacts of Climate Change on Cultural Resource Management in Pennsylvania

Katrina Elisabeth Faulkner ( 2023)
Plastic Surgery: Considerations for Recognition as a Pre-Mortem Condition within the Biological Profile

Isabella Nolfi Ferrazza ( 2024)
Chronicity and Caregiving: Insights for Healthcare Professionals on Tailoring Diabetes Management Strategies

Courtney Marie Gistaro ( 2019)
Gender Construction in Childhood and Masculinities at Dickinson College

Emma Elisabeth Glosson ( 2024)
Resistance and Resilience: Indian Boarding Schools and the Intergenerational Impacts of Structural Violence on Contemporary Society

Hannah Marie Hillegas ( 2022)
The Secrets of the Hagios Charalambos Ossuary

Madison Ann Hull ( 2024)
A Call for Methodological Transparency: Examining Collection Methods and Biases in the Koobi Fora Formation

Kaitlin Mae Irvine ( 2010)
Starting from Scratch: Building College Cultural Capital for First-Generation College Students at Dickinson

Karen Elizabeth Kirner de Chazelles ( 2008)
Perspectives Among Farmers and the General Public of the Economic and Environmental Impacts of Biodiesel and Ethanol Development in Carlisle, Pennsylvania

John Paul Kirwin ( 1978)
Legal Complexity in the United States: An anthropological Investigation

Virginia Kopacki ( 2017)
"Passing Muster" Negotiating the Racialized and Gendered 'Mythology' of Reenactment"

Laura Rose Major ( 2008)
Schmorl's Nodes and Osteophytosis at Early Bronze Age II/III Bab edh-Dhra', Jordan

Laura Morgan Martin ( 1997)
Departmental Honors in Anthropology

Erin Lucia Mead ( 2005)
Departmental Honors in Anthropology

Alison Egic Millan ( 2004)
Departmental Honors in Anthropology

Rachel Elizabeth Provazza ( 2016)
A Comparative Study of the Glenohumeral Joint in New World Monkeys

Justin Michael Reamer ( 2015)
Investigating the Indigenous History of Camp Michaux, Pennsylvania

Morgan Delaney Rourke ( 2024)
Addiction and Family: Invisible Challenges

Gabrielle A Russo ( 2006)
Departmental Honors in Anthropology

Nalani Noel Saito ( 2017)
Away from the Plantation: An Ethnography of Hawai'i Japanese American Identity in Honolulu, Hawai'i

Katherine Florence Sheridan ( 2022)
Considering Cuisine and Creolization in the Archaeological Context

Caroline Elizabeth Snyder ( 2019)
The AAPA and the Changing Culture of Higher Academia

Emily Louise Vooris ( 2017)
The Role of Partnership in Agricultural Research Development Investigating Moral Obligation and Neoliberal Governmentalities

Mara R Waldhorn ( 2006)
Departmental Honors in Anthropology

Sarah Marie Zaleski ( 2010)
Age and Sex Estimates of Subadult Ilia from Charnel House A22, Bab-edh-Dahr': A Model for Determining Subadult Sex


Victoria Anne Cacchione ( 2015)
Archaeology of North American Farmsteads: A Case Study of Bunker Hill Farm, Camp Michaux

Natalie Grace Ginez ( 2021)
Satyr Imagery on Greek Wine Vessels: Simple Depiction of Religious Narrative or Symbolic Message of Moderation?

Lucien Xavier Nicosia ( 2021)
A Tavern, Trails, and Trowel Tales: The Stone-Tolan House and the Genesee Country Frontier

James Bruce Norton ( 2021)
Towers of Mystery: The Iron Age Brochs of Atlantic Scotland

Art & Art History

Devon Mackenzie Anderson ( 2021)

Gracyn Danielle Bird ( 2021)

Kathryn Elizabeth Cargill ( 2016)
Outstanding Achievement in Studio Practice

Nathaniel Walker Chaves ( 2024)
Found Objects: sculpted and mended

Erin M Clarke ( 2022)

Josephine Elizabeth Cook ( 2023)
Fragments and a New Whole in Sculpture and Painting

Kimberly Tyler Drexler ( 2015)
The Hidden Life of Trash: An Examination of the Landfill by Six Contemporary Artists

Ernest Entsie ( 2021)

Naima Asantiwa Ezekiel ( 2024)
Grits:  Fixin' up Black Stories Through Art

FaSade Gabriela Fagoroye ( 2023)
Of Monsters, Heroes, and Tricksters: Reimagining Folklore and Fairytales through Black Figuration in Painting and Drawing

Louise Howard Feder ( 2010)
New Deal Murals in the Pittsburgh Post Office and Courthouse

Rebecca M Fox ( 2022)
Invisible Transmutation

Moira Anne Fratantuono ( 2005)
Departmental Honors in Art & Art History

Laura Davenport Hahn ( 2006)
Departmental Honors in Art & Art History

Sarah Joy House ( 2020)
Abstraction from Life (in Paint)

Willa Burton Hut ( 2017)
Investigation of Color, Space, and Light in the Landscape

Maria Ann Janosko ( 2003)
Departmental Honors in Art & Art History

Lucas Amadeus Kang ( 2016)
Outstanding Achievement in Studio Practice

Zoe Josephina Moon Kiefreider ( 2020)
Yo Sé Perder, Pero Ay Cómo Me Duele

Kailei June Lemis ( 2024)
Earthly Divinity:  Sculpting Narratives in Clay

Caitlyn Sierra Longest ( 2023)
A Culture of Disaster: Industrial Accidents Visualized Through Painting

Christian Dominick Meade ( 2008)
Public Outdoor Sculpture at the Dickinson Farm

Belle O'Shaughnessy ( 2023)
Abstracting Closeness: Sculptures on Personal Space

Ruodan Que ( 2021)
Theatrical State of Mind

Emily Hadden Rother ( 2012)
A Confluence of Worlds: Balinese Paintings from the 1930s

Eden Anthony Sanville ( 2024)
I Love My Computer

Iris Shaker-Check ( 2023)
Negotiating Comfort and Discomfort through Ceramic Sculptural Vessels

Stephan Michael Sieg ( 2016)
Outstanding Achievement in Studio Practice

Noah S Thompson ( 2017)
Recontextualizing a Queer Past

Han Gia Trinh ( 2024)
Paintings of Recollection: Vanishing Threads and Home at 383/60

Marja Johanna van Mierlo ( 2022)
Dynamic Spaces: Questioning Ephemeral Spatial Relationships

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Sher Bahadur ( 2022)
The Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Modulator Sprouty-2 Upregulates Cell Cycle Arrest and Apoptosis Genes in an Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cell Line

Catherine Ann Battaglia ( 1999)
The Effect of Several First Row Transition Metal salts on Phytochelatin Length

Rylee Jade Beam ( 2023)
Contribution of the JNK Pathway to IL-6 Expression Following Isoprenoid Pathway Depletion

Kayla Bendinelli ( 2019)
The Role of Fos and JunB in the Reprogramming of Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cells

Shannon Marie Bonner ( 2019)
The Role of EGR in the Genetic Reprogramming of Human Leukemia Cells

Jillian Loyer Brechbiel ( 2002)
Changes in the Transcription Factor AP-1 during HL-60 Leukemia Cell Macrophage Differentiation

Grace Elizabeth Crossland ( 2018)
Reprogramming Leukemia Cells Toward Cell Cycle Arrest

Ryan David Deeds ( 2010)
Microarray Analysis of the Transcriptional Changes in Phorbol 12-Myristate 13-Acetate-induced Differentiation of HL-60 Cells

Gabriel J DiNatale ( 2014)
Effects on Alkynyl-Parthenolide on Human Leukemia Cells, THP-1

Alice Ann Duchon ( 2011)
Synthesis of a copper-binding distamycin conjugate as a potential anti-cancer therapeutic compound

Courtney M Gamache ( 2018)
The Taming of the Yeast: Domestication of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Saccharomyces paradoxus Yeasts

Katherine Jun Gong ( 2023)
Characterization of IL-12p40 mRNA levels in a Cellular Model of Mevalonate Kinase Deficiency

Michele Anne Gortakowski ( 2007)
Oxidative Signaling in the Metamorphosis of Crepidula fornicata

Andrew Rives Howe ( 2023)
Isoprenoid Depletion alters Protein and Vesicle Trafficking in a Model of the Autoinflammatory Disease Mevalonate Kinase Deficiency

Meredith Johnson ( 2018)
Probing the Tetrameric Structure of Leishmania Major Pteridine Reductase (PTR1) with Point Mutations and Interface-Derived Peptides

Sophie Johanna Andree Kivlehan ( 2021)
The Role of NR4A3 in Reprogramming Human Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cells

Sophia Kovatsis ( 2024)
The Role of RASA1 in the Regulation of the RAS-MAPK Pathway in Human Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cells

Abigail Faith McGahan ( 2022)
Identifying Mutations of NanoBiT to Increase Selectivity for Multicomponent Cellular Tracking

Andrew Shriver McGowan ( 2016)
Investigating the Effects of Coastal Acidification on Phenolic Production in Zostera Marina from South Bay, VA

Dana R McGregor ( 2002)
A Study of the Photoproducts Formed from Ultraviolet-B Irradiation of Hydroxycinnamic Acids

Quenelle Washington McKim ( 2022)
Disruption of Myosin II ATPase Motor Function in Sea Urchin Cells via a New Inhibitor: Arrest of Cytokinesis but not Contractile Ring Assembly in Embryos and Disruption of Centripetal Flow in Coelomocytes

Allison Margaret Murawski ( 2012)
Use of In Vivo Genetic Selection Reveals Sequence and Length Flexibility of the 5' Portion of Turnip Crinkle Virus Satellite RNA C

Theodore Scott Nowicki ( 2006)
Genome-wide Analysis of Differential Gene Expression Modulated by Butyric Acid in HL-60 Cells

Alissa Resnikoff ( 2018)
Selective Reactions of Cysteine Perfluoroaryl Thioethers

Tulley Shofner ( 2018)
The Role of MafB in Reverting the Transformed Phenotype of Human Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cells

Sadie Ann Signorella ( 2018)
Characterizing expression of the protein Yorkie in the Drosophila embryo.

Emily Marie Swain ( 2010)
An Integrative Study of Gene Expression of PMA Induced Differentiation in HL-60 Cells by DNA Microarray Analysis

Amy Louise Williamson ( 2010)
Changes to Gene Expression During Human Acute Myleloid Leukemia Cell Differentiation with Phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate (PMA)


Dianny Aalyah Almanzar ( 2022)
Response to Diurnally-Varying Environmental Stressors in Larvae of a Marine Gastropod

Richard G Azizkhan ( 1972)
The Results of Qualitative Colorimetric Tests and the Effects of Various Chemicals on the Cyst Membranes of Tillina Magna (Gruber 1879)

Mark W Becher ( 1982)
An Attempt to Reveal a Core Structure in Plant Chromosomes

Susan Anne Blasi ( 2010)
Biogenic Amine Receptor Expression in the Developing Ventral Nerve Cord in "Drosophila melanogaster"

Samuel Neill Bogan ( 2016)
Do effects of ocean acidification and nutrition persist across the life history of a marine gastropod?

Benjamin Boyerinas ( 2003)
Departmental Honors in Biology

Aaron Martin Brillhart ( 1994)
Impact of White-Tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) on Herbaceous and Woody-stemmed pPlants in the F. J. Reineman Wildlife Sanctuary, Perry County, Pennsylvania

Surya Mackenzie Brown-Moffitt ( 2017)
Kinematics of Feeding Behavior in the American Toad (Anaxyrus americanus): Vertical Limits of Prey Capture

Jack H Buck ( 2021)
Thermal ecology and movements of gravid and nongravid prairie rattlesnakes (Crotalus viridis) in a high-elevation Colorado population

Margaret E Caldwell ( 1977)
The Effect of Minerals on Conjugation in a Heterothallic Strain of Cylindrocystis brebissonii menegh

Catherine Bridget Campbell ( 2012)
The Role of EGR/NAB Gene Expression in Human Leukemia

John George Capano ( 2013)
The Biomechanics of Ventilation in Boa Constrictor

Christine Yun-Hee Choi ( 2016)
Effects of Ocean Acidification and Flow on Neural Correlates of Settlement in Larvae of a Marine Gastropod

Emily T Cocores ( 2006)
Departmental Honors in Biology

Jack Michael Colicchio ( 2011)
Transgenerational Epigenetics and Phenotypic Plasticity in Response to Variable Light Levels

Thomas W Cronin ( 1967)
Further Studies of the Life Cycle of a Heterothallic Staurastrum

Michelle Lynn DallaPiazza ( 1998)
Departmental Honors in Biology

Heather Hughes Davies ( 1997)
Departmental Honors in Biology

Mary Christine DiGiorgio ( 2014)
An Assessment of a Painted Turtle Population and an Error Analysis of Community Generated Data

Jack Christopher Drda ( 2024)
The Role of miR-155 in Mevalonate Kinase Deficiency and Lipid Immunometabolism

Runda El-Khatib ( 1983)
The Effect of a High-fat Diet upon Bile Acids, Fecal Enzymes, and Carcinogenesis in Mice

Jessica Elizabeth Ellerman ( 2003)
Purification and Characterization of CIS and TRANS Photoisomers of Intermediates of the Phenylpropanoid Pathway in Higher Plants

William R Epperly ( 1983)
Photoinactivation of Catalase

Madison Catherine Etchberger ( 2017)
Amphibians beware: Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in the Cumberland Valley

Gordon Faulkner ( 1965)
Studies on the Morphology and Thymidine Incorporation of the Ciliate colpoda aspera

Matthew Evan Franke ( 1993)
Vegetation Availability Compared to Vegetation Use by a Population of Allegheny Woodrats (neotoma magister) in Pennsylvania

Matthew C Frankel ( 1973)
The Algae of the Field Pond of the Florence Jones Reineman Wildlife Sanctuary

Gregory John Fredericks ( 2000)
Fascin-actin Interactions in Sea Urchin Cells do not Appear to be Mediated by PKC-dependent Phosphorylation or Cell-Matrix Interactions

Christopher Alan Fried ( 2005)
Actin-Mediated Retrograde Flow in Sea Urchin Coelomocytes: Conversion from a Lamellipodial-Dominated to a Filopodial-Dominated Form

Malcolm J Gardner ( 1980)
Induction of Budding in Juvenile Polytrichum Commune Protonemata by the Cytokinin

Charles Edward Griffith ( 1994)
Departmental Honors in Biology

Gary A Grosart ( 1967)
The Effect of Dehydration on the Supercooling Response in Rana pipiens

Allison Elizabeth Hall ( 2010)
Pressure and Duration of Constriction in Boa constrictor is influenced by a Simulated Prey Heartbeat

Kaitlin Mary Harrigan ( 2008)
Investigating Hemlock Stand Resistance to Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Infestations

Grace Katherine Heine ( 2023)
Role of Cholesterol Pathway Metabolites in Inflammation: Investigating Altered CD14 Trafficking in Mevalonate Kinase Deficiency

Wendy Barker Helkowski ( 1988)
Electrophoretic Analysis of Isoenzymes in Cylindrocystis (chlorophyta)

James Kyle Hendricks ( 1993)
Determination of the Size of mRNA Transcripts of the Kinesin Heavy Chain Gene in Sea Urchin Eggs and Coelomocytes

Theodore L Hetrick ( 1971)
The Role of mRNA Transcription in the Induction of Phenylalanine ammonia-lyase in Potato Tubers

Melissa Heller Hoagland ( 1979)
Effects of Secobarbital on Hepatocytes of Adult Albino Mice

Scott William Hoffman ( 2012)
Design and Implementation of Pest-Control Hubs on an Organic Farm

Cassandra Elizabeth Holbert ( 2016)
The Role of BCL-2 Family Member MCL-1 in Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Trevor Thomas Hollinger ( 2016)
Murine Hypometabolism: A Putative Signaling Pathway

Amanda Hildur Jimcosky ( 2017)
The Computational Analysis of Yeast Environmental Stress Response

Christopher James Katalinas ( 2013)
Climate Change Effects on Marine Ecosystems

Kathleen R Kelley ( 1967)
A Study of Egg Cannibalism in Tribolium confusum

Keith Kleinman ( 2009)
Getting a Grip on Death by a Squeeze: An Analysis of Constriction in Population of Boa.constrictor

Cooper S Kocon ( 2024)
Investigating the effects of compliant substrates on cane toad jump take-off

Sarah Elizabeth Kolnik ( 2003)
The Putative Myosin Inhibitor BDM Alters the Subcellular Distribution of the Actin Polymerization Promoting Arp2/3 Complex

Tasha Kouvatsos ( 2005)
Differentiation of Human Promyelocytic Leukemia Dells: A DNA Microarray Analysis

Jennifer Reine Lloyd Langston ( 2008)
Catecholamines in the Metamorphosis of Larvae of Polychaete Annelid Capitella Sp.I

Abby Christine Larson ( 2010)
Gene Expression Analysis of Human Leukemia

Hannah Marie Leahey ( 2012)
Effects of Ocean Acidification on Production of Protective Phenolics

Elizabeth Leigh Lewis ( 2010)
Neurochemical and Sensory Regulation of Metamorphosis in a Gastropod Mollusk

Rosabeth Ivory Link ( 2014)
Factors Influencing the Distribution of the Hemlock Woolly Aldelgid (Adelges tusga)

Peter V Lovell ( 1996)
Hydrodynamic Receptors: The Role of Supracuticular Sensory Receptors in Crayfish Hydrodynamic Orientation Behavior

Christopher Charles Lozano ( 2024)
Growth and Frequency of Tsuga canadensis seedlings on moss, soil, and dead material substrates.

Lisa Irene Maas ( 2007)
Investigating Hemlock (tsuga canadensis (L.) carriere) Stand Resistance to Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (HWA; adelges tsugae annand) Infestations

Heidi Elizabeth Madagan ( 1998)
Analysis of AP-1 Protein during the Phorbol Ester-induced Differentiation of HL-60 human Promyelocytic Cells into Macrophages

Antonio David Marrero ( 2013)
Lovastatin Treatment Leads to Increased CD14 mRNA Levels in Murine Macrophages and Human Monocytes

Katelyn Josephine McCann ( 2011)
Analyzing a predator-prey interaction: muscular performance in Boas (Boa constrictor) and cardiovascular response in rats during constriction

Mary Kathryn McClellan ( 2007)
Characterization of bipolar spindle structure in ammonia activated eggs and maturing oocytes of the sea urchin

Robert Brian McGrath ( 1990)
Light-induced Expression of the Nuclear Gene Encoding the Small Subunit of Ribulose 1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase in the Gymnosperm Scotch Pine (Pinus sylvestris)

Madison Gina McIntyre ( 2022)
Rain harvesting behavior in free-ranging Prairie rattlesnakes (Crotalus viridis)

Julia Brumbaugh McMahon ( 2015)
Effects of Ocean Acidification and Nutrition on Growth and Metamorphosis in Larvae of a Marine Snail

Kenneth Joseph McPartland ( 1996)
Evidence for the Possible Role of Myosin II as a Force-generating Molecule in Centripetal flow using the Putative Actomyosin Inhibitor 2,3-butanedione monoxime

Robert Joseph Mendola ( 1997)
Departmental Honors in Biology

Arlen D Meyers ( 1968)
The Physiology of Earthworm Hearts, Lumbricus terrestris

Paul C Montgomery ( 1965)
Studies in Animal Sensitization

Cheyenne L Moore ( 2018)
Plant Communities in Eastern Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) Stands Impacted by Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (Adelges tsugae)

Melanie Erin Mouyard ( 2002)
Effects of Winterization on Germination and Growth of Two Invasive Species, Alliaria petiolata and Hesperis matronalis

Kayla Jordan Muirhead ( 2015)
This gut's got character: Utilizing comparative genomics to characterize the phylogenetic relationship of Ascomycete yeasts found in detritivorous beetle guts

Zoe Louisa Muller ( 2022)
Relatedness Within and Between Prairie Rattlesnake (Crotalus viridis) Aggregations in Northwest Colorado

Ronniel Nazarian ( 2000)
Actomyosin-Based Dynamic Equilibria During Centripetal/Retrograde Flow in Sea Urchin Coelomocytes

Davia Marie Palmeri ( 2009)
Carbohydrate Translocation After Herbivore Attack in Tobacco Plants

Mairi Kaia Phyllis Poisson ( 2016)
Characterization of the diet of the American toad (Anaxyrus americanus) in a disturbed land-use system

Steven E Reissman ( 1977)
Cytogenetic Studies of Some Urodeles

Amanda Cynthia Reynolds ( 2002)
The Relationship between Metamorphosis and Juvenile Feeding Behavior in a Gastropod Mollusc

Donald L Rhoads ( 1982)
Variations in Spirogyra Clones

Jacey Ann Roberts ( 2003)
Departmental Honors in Biology

Mary Alles Robinson ( 2001)
Departmental Honors in Biology

Jennifer D Robison ( 2003)
Investigations on the Life Histories of Two Invasive Wildflower Species: Alliaria petiolata (M. Bieb.) Cavara & Grande and Hesperis matronalis L

Dwight K Romanovicz ( 1970)
Urea Metabolism of Green Algae Associated with Amphibian Egg Membranes

Lauren Carel Saunders ( 2010)
Iron Pathology of Erythrocyte Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency in the Old Order Amish of Pennsylvania

Anna Scheyett ( 1980)
Chromosome Homology in Mesocricetus brandti and Mesocricetus auratus

Therese K Schmalbach ( 1978)
The Effect of Intraventricular Administration of Lysine-8-vasopressin on Memory Consolidation in Rats

Richard M Schwartz ( 1966)
The Extraction of Amino Acids from the Ciliate Tillina Magna

Kristen Eileen Severi ( 2004)
The Role of Calcium and Oxygen Radicals in the Metamorphosis of Crepidula fornicata, a Marine Gastropod

Benjamin Robert Shoul ( 2022)
Assessing Climate Change's Impact on Blooming Times of Pine Hill Arboretum Wildflowers 2022

Kayla Christine Simpson ( 2018)
Impacts of Insect Growth Regulator Pesticides on Populations of Beneficial Dung Beetles in Pennsylvania Agroecosystems

Shaun Vincent Spielman ( 2004)
Metabolic Stresses from Cross Country Courses

Jason Israel Steinfeld ( 1995)
Departmental Honors in Biology

Erik Joseph Stemmy ( 2002)
Analysis of Genetic Variation Between Two Populations of Allegheny Woodrat (Neotoma magister)

Elizabeth Lauren Stephens ( 2003)
An Investigation of the Nutrient Utilization of Solidago speciosa Nutt. var. speciosa

Katelyn Maria Swade ( 2015)
Isoprenoid Depletion Alters Expression of Inflammatory Markers in Monocytes and Macrophages

Philip Sze ( 1968)
The Influence of Light on Cell division of Netrium digitus

Jason William Tarpley ( 1999)
The Hypometabolic and Hypothermic effect of Hypercapnia in Sprague Dawley Rats

Rulaiha Elizabeth Taylor ( 2018)
Effects of Acidification and Salinity Stress on Development in Larvae and Juveniles of a Marine Gastropod

Evan Joseph Templeton ( 2007)
Departmental Honors in Biology

Benjamin James Tiede ( 2005)
A Genomics Based Investigation of Virus-Host Interactions between Brome Mosaic Virus 1a Protein and Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Robert H Varney ( 1968)
Adaptive Mechanisms Associated with Nonaquatic Activities of the Leopard Frog, Rana pipiens

Meagen Kathleen Voss ( 2007)
Morphological study of BDM stimulated structures in sea urchin coelomocytes

Christopher S Werner ( 1969)
Growth on Various Nitrogen Sources of Green Algae Associated with Amphibian Egg Membranes

Raymond Wolf ( 1979)
Chemical Transfer of Learned Information

Cynthia A Yablonski ( 1984)
The Effects of Ivermectin on the Migratory Stage of Trichinella Spiralis in Mice

Sarah E Yeskel ( 2005)
Gypsy Moth Invasion as a Factor in Allegheny Woodrat Decline in Pennsylvania

Ilana Fay Zeitzer ( 2019)
Changes in Forest Fungal Communities With Respect to Eastern Hemlock Abundance

Biology & Molecular Biology

Keagan M Hesse ( 2022)
Inducing Cellular Senescence in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cells through RASSF5 Overexpression


Michael D Aleo ( 1982)
The Identification of 7-methylxanthine in Cacao Products by HPLC

Laura Ashley Bahorich ( 2007)
A Kinetic Study of n²- Coordinated Arene Displacement from Rhenium and Manganese Centers

Eden Addisalem Balema ( 2024)
Synthesis and Thiol Reactivity of Hsp70 Inhibitors Based on Phenylethynesulfonamide (PES)

Richard J Bearoff ( 1972)
The Synthesis of 2-acetyl-n-benzylbutrolactam from 2-acetylbutyrolactone

Taylor Nicole Bednar ( 2019)
Microwave-Assisted Hydrogenolysis and Elimination of Cysteine Perfluoroaryl Thioethers

Wade H Berrettini ( 1973)
The Reaction of Some Primary Amines with 2-acetylbutyrolactone

Erin Boyd ( 2000)
Role of Metals in the Cytotoxic Activity of the Anthracycline Drugs

Allyson Jane Boyington ( 2015)
Microwave-accelerated Deprotection of Aryl Silyl Ethers

Stephen P Burger ( 1964)
Explanation of the Previously Reported Reaction of 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine with 2-nitro-p-xylene, and Proof of Structure of the Reaction Product ; Investigation of the Reaction of N-Bromosuccinimide with 3-Nitro-p-tolualdehyde

Sandra Marshall Cope ( 1969)
Highly Branched Tertiary Alcohols

Jordan Elizabeth Cox ( 2021)
Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Silver Nanoparticle-Zinc Oxide Hybrid Nanomaterials for Adsorption and Photocatalysis of Congo Red Dye Pollutant

Melissa Renee Dean ( 2010)
Synthesis and Reactivity of Two NAMI-A Derivatives

Anna June Dougan-Bacha ( 2022)
ZnO-Au Hybrid Nanomaterials for Pollutant Remediation

Susan Lokerson Eichholtz ( 1969)
Two Applications of Metal Chelates to Gas Chromatography

Felicia Gaskin ( 1965)
Metal Analysis by Gas Chromatography - Studies of Metal Alkoxides and Metal Chelates

Zev Joshua Greenberg ( 2016)
Chemical Characterization of Sealcoat Composition at Three Sites in Central PA

Amanda Kale ( 2017)
Catalytic Applications of Bio-reduced Ultrasmall Copper Nanoparticles

Dennis H Katz ( 1973)
Derivatives of 3-hydroxytetrahydrofuran

Bruce Kiefer ( 1982)
The Identification of Adenine in Chocolate by High Pressure Liquid Chromatography

Richard L Kieft ( 1967)
The Three Phase Equilibrium Pressure of the Carbon Cioxide-hydroquinone Clathrate

Barbara Boos Maletz ( 1969)
The Surface Area of Magnesium Oxide; Graphon as a Support for Catalytic Iron and Rhodium

Robert A Martin ( 1965)
The Preparation and Gas-Liquid chromatographic Analysis of some Metal Chelates of Trifluoroacetylacetone

Eryn Nelson ( 2019)
Effects of Biotic Elicitors on the Glucosinolate Content in Broccoli Microgreens

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Conversion: Apuleius and Augustine


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Computer Science

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Graph Theory with Applications to Computer Science

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Earth Sciences

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Allison Nicole Curley ( 2019)
Lead isotopes and trace metals as indicators of terrestrial contaminant sources associated with browning in Lake Giles, PA

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Unraveling the Central Appalachians: Construction of a Balanced Cross Section through the Pennsylvania Salient

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Thermal Evolution of Subglacial Pillow Lava

East Asian Studies

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Christina D Bengfort ( 2006)
Departmental Honors in East Asian Studies

Sarah D Brand ( 2017)
Rationalizing Neglect: How Asia-Pacific Countries Escaped Responsibility - Sharing the Refugee Crisis

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Religious Traditions in the Lives of the Knights and the Samurai

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Departmental Honors in East Asian Studies

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Medical Malaise in the PRC: Deficiencies in Social Trust, professionalism and the physician-patient relationship in post-deng China

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The Point of Pointlessness: Healing Through Snapshots of Anime

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The rise & fall of Taiwanese identity politics

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Japanese Naturalist Literature and 'Nature'

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Chinese Government Tactics to Censor, Regulate and Assimilate the Internet

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The Life of Francis D. Gamewell

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The Current State of the Right to Remain Silent in Japan

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Unspoken Words: Constructions of Lesbianism in Nananan Kiriko's Blue and Murakami Haruki's Sputnik Sweetheart

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Departmental Honors in East Asian Studies

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Departmental Honors in East Asian Studies

Grace Isabelle MacDougall ( 2024)
The tale of tears, youth, and faces: How affective symbols are used within the "comfort women" movement.

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Marketing K-Pop and J-Pop in the 21st Century

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Queens and Queerness: Drag Performers and LGBTQ Advocacy Work in Japan

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Perceptions of Japanese Honorific Language (Keigo) Use in Japan Today: A Reflection of Personal and National Reputation at Stake

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Departmental honors in East Asian Studies

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Departmental Honors in East Asian Studies

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Reaching for the Stars: Fictional Women, Female Researchers, and the Importance of Role Models in Japan's Aerospace Fields

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Departmental Honors in East Asian Studies

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The Place of the Globalized World: Nishida Kitaro and Japanese Ultra-nationalism

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Departmental Honors in East Asian Studies

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Godzilla the social critic: Kaiju eiga and 1970s Japanese environmentalism

Anna Beth Roach-Howell ( 2014)
Who Cares? Japanese Male Caregivers and Shifting Cultural Scripts on Family, Gender, and Care

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Departmental Honors in East Asian Studies

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A Reised History: National and International Archeological Interpretations of Protohistoric Japan-Korea Relations

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Separation through unity: How propaganda made surrender a psychologically difficult experience for imperial Japanese soldiers during and after WWII.

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Damming the World: Burma as a Case Study for Chinese Exportation of Hydropower

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Traveling and Transformed Bodies: Reconceptualizing Leprosy in Late-Qing Literature (1848-1909)

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K-Pop Connection: Maintaining Fandom Loyalty in K-Pop and V Live


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The Connection Between Property Rights to Land and Microfinance Expansion

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John R. Commons: An Examination of his Conclusions Regarding the Effects of Immigration 1880-1920

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Departmental Honors in Economics

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Rural Economic Development in the Mid-Atlantic

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Purchase Restrictions and Housing Prices in China

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Departmental Honors in Economics

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Risk-Based IPO Underpricing in the U.S. Post-Dotcom Era: Evidence from Asymmetric Information & Uncertainty in the Pre-IPO Process

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Education in India and South Korea: A comparative analysis from a Gender and Development Perspective

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Fees and Fairness: Medicaid Reimbursements and Patient Outcomes

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Evaluating the Effectiveness of the 2014 Chinese Hukou Reform

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The Flexible Exchange Rate Regime

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The Growth with Equity Development Model: The Korean Experience

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Gender and the Great Recession: A Critical Look at the Causes, Outcomes, and Policy Responses

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A Study in the Economics of Education and in the Optimum Size of a Secondary Instructional Unit

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What Program of Action will Solve the Crisis of Inflationary Prices and Inefficient Organization of the Medical Care Industry?

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Japanese Duality: A Geo-Cultural Study of the Japanese Economy 1945-1989

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Housing Wealth and Gender Norms

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Comparative Analysis of Modern Recessions: Explaining the Less-Than-Great Recovery from the Great Recession

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Participation of the United States Chemical Industry in International Cartel Agreements -1929 to 1940

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The Adoption of the U.S. Minimum Wage: Economic, Social, and Political Considerations

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Departmental Honors in Economics

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Factors Affecting Pay in Major League Baseball

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The Effect of Sporting Public Expenditures on Medal Share at the Summer Olympic Games: A Study of the Differential Impact by Sport and Gender

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The Role of Military in the U.S. Economy

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The Tax Status of Travel and Entertainment Expenses

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Growth Diagnostics and its Application to the Nepalese Economy

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Is Winning a Necessity for Financial Success in the Cycling Industry

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The Social Security Program in the United States

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The Federal Government's Relations with its Organized Civil Servants

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Bayesian Analysis of Polynomial Distributed Lags

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Economies of Scale and the Banking Industry with Reference to Bank Expansion in the 1960's

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Econometric Analysis of NOx Trading Programs in Pennsylvania

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Impacts of Urbanization on Small-Scale Agricultural Operations in Central Pennsylvania


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The Constraints that make a Life: The Inversion of Aztlan in Cormac McCarthy's "Border Trilogy"

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The Duality Metaphysic: Its Influence on the Theme and Form of the Art of D. H. Lawrence

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"Tainted with the Blood of the Oppressor": Womanism, Black Power, and the Treatment of the Mulatto in Alice Walker's "The Color Purple"

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Words as Things: The Diminutive Vision of Jonathan Swift's "A Tale of a Tub"

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Nature Imagery and the Poetry of the First World War: From Chivalry to the Machine

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Departmental Honors in English

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Technical Innovations in Ezra Pound's Poetry

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The Mirror, the Garden, and Dame Fortuna: A Study of the Emblematic English Renaissance Stage

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D.H. Lawrence and Neoprimitivism: The Literal and Fictional Quest for the Good Life in the Good Place

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"And All the Court Laughed Loud": Colonialism and Satire in "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight"

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Departmental Honors in English

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H.D., Epistolary Poet: Bridging "Schism(s) in Consciousness" in Trilogy

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A Defense of Shelley

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Crabbe, Cowper, and Johnson: The English tradition from 1780 to 1820

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How the Pen Unsheathed the Sword: The Role of Russian and English Conflict Literature in Creating the First World War

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Beyond the Moment

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Reproduction in the Slave Economies of Morrison and Acker

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Beyond the Adamic Myth: Harriette Arnow's "Kentucky Trilogy"

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Historicizing Gender: Masculine Dissolution and Female Dominance in Chris Ware's "Jimmy Corrigan the Smartest Kid on Earth"

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Reconfiguration of the Male Body in British Trench Poetry of the First World War

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Displacement and Deviance: Female Sexuality and the Double Standard in the Works of Austen, C. Bronte, and Byron

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Truth and Untruth: Heidegger and the Problematic Nature of Truth in "Heart of Darkness"

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John Barth: Structure, Myth and Identity

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The Creative Urge in D. H. Lawrence's Fiction

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Liturgy and Drama as a Continual Tradition

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Haiku: The Spirit of Japan

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Absurdly Logical: Mathematics, English and Language in Lewis Carroll's "Sylvie and Bruno"

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Ambivalence, Detachment, Abortion: Joan Didion's Play It As It Lays

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Reportless Measure: A Study of Transcendence in Emily Dickinson's poetry

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"We Were Japanese Too": The Liminality of the Nisei Identity Told Through Three Memoirs of Japanese American Incarceration in World War II

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"An Experienced Eye of Earthly Sharpness": The Poetry of Stevie Smith

John Anderson Kneisley ( 2016)
"A Shadow of a Magnitude": The Condition of Artwork in John Keats's Ekphrastic Poetry

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"Willing Liberates": Nietzschean Heroism in Tsitsi Dangarembga's "Nervous Conditions"

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"The Sisters' Vows, the Hours that we have Spent": Renaissance women, Shakespeare's Women, and Homosocial Bonding

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But the Return to the Pictures: The Forgotten Photograph of Gertrude Stein's "The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas"

John Isaac Lingan ( 2007)
Reanimating the Store of Gold: Reason, Sentiment, and Failure in "Tristram Shandy"

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Genius, Insanity, and Ignorance: Edgar Allan Poe's Aesthetic View of the Human Mind

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The Passion to be Masculine: D. H. Lawrence and the Struggle for a Masculine Identity

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The Problem of the Self in the Novels of Elizabeth Madox Roberts

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Dos Passos: From Young Radical to Aged Conservative - The Plight of the Individual in Society

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"All Lies Lead to the truth": Quest and conspiracy in The X-files

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Dante Gabriel Rossetti: A Vision of Love

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Modernist Mythmaking: A Comparative Study of J.R.R. Tolkien and Ezra Pound

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Sentenced to Doing Time: Stoppard Presents Time in Arcadia

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"From A Certain Point of View:" Star Wars, Revision, and Textual Criticism

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"Become as Little Children": A Study of the Subversion of the Cult of Domesticity in Two Sentimental Texts

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Myth and Ritual in the Works of Ernest Hemingway

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The Politics and Artistic Achievement of John A. Williams and "The Man who Cried I Am"

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"The Taint of Effeminacy": Questioning Normative Masculinity in E.M. Forster's "The Other Boat" and Youssef Idris' "Leader of Men"

Janel Pineda ( 2018)
"The War Is or Isn't Over, But Coffee Still Brews": The Salvadoran Civil War, Transnational Migration, and Navigating Legacies of Trauma in Javier Zamora's "Unaccompanied"

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"Who Wants Cocoanut?": The Construction of Desire and the Demise of Empire in E.M. Forster's "The Other Boat"

Karen Pohlman Quill ( 1996)
Creating a Passion Through the Arts

Jeffrey Scott Ramsay ( 1991)
Winds of Change: Shelley--A Self-acknowledged Legislator and his dynamism

Elizabeth Jane Rawitsch ( 2003)
'Saying Something' about Roosevelt's America: An Auteurist Analysis of Frank Capra's "Lost horizon" in the Context of the Great Depression

Rebecca Downey Reeves ( 2003)
"Because it's Superman's Book, You Moron!": Geeks, Metafiction and Feminism in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

David Richman ( 1966)
The Superman Motif in the Nineteenth Century

Anna Dempsey Robinette ( 2017)
Bilingual and Bimodal Expression: The Creolization in Edwidge Danticat's Oeuvre

Constance Courtright Rockman ( 1964)
The Literary Fairy Tale in Nineteenth Century English Literature

Timothy Ruth ( 1974)
The Mystic Poetry of Dylan Thomas

Audrey Devon Schlimm ( 2020)
"I must laugh or die": The Satirical Feminism of Katherine Mansfield's "Bliss" and Other Stories

Leah Judith Shafer ( 2014)
A Day When It Was Dangerous to Play: War and Gender in Stein's Children's Books

Meredith L Smith ( 2008)
Transexual Memoir: Breaking the Silence in Deirdre N. McCloskey's "Crossing: A Memoir" and Jennifer Finney Boylan's "She's Not There: A Life in Two Genders"

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"Learn My Language": Exploring Translation as a Critique of National Identity in Vikram Seth's "A Suitable Boy"

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The Briar Beneath the Rose: Women in American Folklore

Emily Mae Stokes-Hallett ( 2011)
Steinbeck's Subversive Cultural Capital: The Grapes of Wrath and the Problematic Canonization of the Lower Classes

Jessie Paton Strasbaugh ( 2010)
What She's "Supposed to Do": The Lunar Erotic Poetics of Elizabeth Bishop and Brenda Shaughnessy

Brian Richard Sylvester ( 2005)
Pictorial Misunderstanding: W.G. Sebald and Photographic Uncertainty

Long Dinh Ta ( 2022)
Literary Form and Violence: A Queer Viet(namese) American Poetics of Fragmentation

Anne S K Turkos ( 1977)
Robert Browning and the Dramatic Monologue -- An Exploration of his Poetry

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Time and Mutability in Tennyson, Housman and Brooke

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The Progression of Character in the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The Gavain Canon: Poems and the Poet

Abigail Jane Watson-Popescu ( 2003)
The Metaphor Speaks: Aemilia Lanyer and Mary Wroth's Subversion of Power

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Misreading the Blues: Robert Johnson, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan and a Theory of Vulgar music and its Authorial Powers

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Innocence and Experience: A Study of Children in Modern Literature

Burton S Weiss ( 1969)
The Dramatic Expression of Alienation

John Daniel Wrigley ( 1974)
The Novels of William Golding - Thematic Progression

Emily Ann Wylie ( 1994)
Eudora Welty: Writing confluence in The Golden Apples

Environmental Science

Emily Ann Bowie ( 2014)
Natural Sheep Medicine

Christine Josephine Burns ( 2014)
Deer as Agents of Seed Dispersal in Forests of Differing Vertical Structure

Jessica Martin Durkota ( 2004)
Impact of White-Tailed Deer on Forest Stand Structure and Composition in a Pennsylvania Wildlife Preserve

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Hemlock Woolly Adelgid and Pennsylvania Forests

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Environmental Studies

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Film Studies

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Fine Arts

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Child's Play? The Role of Children in the 1918 Influenza Epidemic in New Zealand

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Sixteenth Century Witchcraft in France: A Comparative Study

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Departmental Honors in History

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Piedmont Unionists: Harpers Ferry to Fort Sumter

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Polemical Rhetoric in the American Revolution

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Business Institutions & Sociology

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The Transformation of the Republican Party: National Jurisprudence and Partisan Politics during the Civil War

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The Forgotten Lobby: Advocates for India in the U.S. during World War II

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The fall of Protector Somerset, 1547-1552

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James Miller McKim and the Abolitionists' Civil War

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Carlisle 1880: A Historical Demographic Approach

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"The Beds Are Full But All the Occupants Are Getting Better": An Institutional History of Medicine at the Carlisle Indian School

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Public Opinion in Central Pennsylvania During the First World War: The German-American Influence

International Business & Management

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Genzyme: The Gaucher Initiative

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Departmental Honors in International Business & Management

Leah Joan Tremblay ( 2013)
Departmental Honors in International Business & Management

Trang Ha Truong ( 2016)
Departmental Honors in International Business & Management

Peter L Wing ( 2006)
Departmental Honors in International Business & Management

Katherine N Woodhouse ( 2015)
Departmental Honors in International Business & Management

Qianqian Wu ( 2020)
Departmental Honors in International Business & Management

Ouwen Xia ( 2012)
Departmental Honors in International Business & Managemen

Yan Yu ( 2012)
Departmental Honors in International Business & Management

Gor Zakaryan ( 2005)
Departmental Honors in International Business & Management

Xiaoyu Zhong ( 2012)
Departmental Honors in International Business & Management

Zigui Zhou ( 2017)
Departmental Honors in International Business & Management

International Studies

Zachary Winslow Abbott ( 2016)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Simon B Aborn ( 2019)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Ellen Lacek Aldin ( 2013)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Prateek Dayanand Allapur ( 2015)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Erika Lynn Allen ( 1994)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Richard Harold Anderson ( 1992)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Tia Rachel Andrews ( 1994)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Tristan Arnold ( 2018)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Mofeyisayo Ayomidun Ayodele ( 2009)
The Effectiveness of Foreign Aid in Africa

Jenna Saunders Banning ( 2010)
The Role of the European Union in the Middle East Peace Process

Hristo Tanev Banov ( 2008)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Pamela Sherri Beasley ( 2001)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Rebecca Saralyn Ben-Amou ( 2012)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Scout Meredith Best ( 2021)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Andrea Lauren Bisbjerg ( 2018)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Elizabeth Anne Bodenman ( 2020)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Krislin Marie Bolling ( 1994)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Alexander B Bossakov ( 2020)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Margaret E Bragdon ( 2024)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Molly Olivia Burger ( 2019)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Angela Mary Caes ( 2001)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Rebecca Catherine Cain ( 1994)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Selina Howe Carter ( 2006)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Brent Carter Cassell ( 2001)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Jacob Mark DeCarli ( 2022)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Gina Michele Del Tito ( 2010)
AFRICOM: The Militarization of American Foreign Policy, or the "civilianization" of the American military?

Anne Elizabeth Donovan ( 2007)
French Policies of Cultural Protection in the Face of Anglo-American Culture

Austen Ellsworth Dowell ( 2017)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Caroline Erin Elkin ( 2015)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

William Russell Ellis ( 2020)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Virginia Lee Enney ( 2024)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Richard Austin Farneth ( 2010)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Alexandra Elizabeth Farrand ( 2016)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Gabriella Kimberly Farrell ( 2021)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Mallorey Elizabeth FitzGerald ( 2020)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Sadie R Fowler ( 2022)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Richard Todd Fowler ( 2007)
The Folly of Applying Golden Straight Jacket Theory in China

Carter Belle Gallahue ( 2024)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Clara Katherine Giorgis ( 2021)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Isiah Gabriel Godoy ( 2020)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Charlotte Leigh Goodman ( 2023)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Jeffrey Gorham ( 2019)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Elitsa Plamenova Gosheva ( 2010)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Patrick Gerard Greene ( 2024)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Keziah Donnocker Groth-Tuft ( 2017)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Hannah Grothusen ( 2022)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Meaghan Elaine Gruber ( 2007)
The Consequences of Neoliberal Economic Policy in Nicaragua

Trang Minh Linh Ha ( 2013)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Sophie Gabrielle Haas-Goldberg ( 2019)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Anna Lisa Hansen ( 2012)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Elizabeth Ann Haraburda ( 2019)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Brian James Harenza ( 1996)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Courtney Allysson Henson ( 2005)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Jennifer Leigh Hesse ( 2005)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Sarah P Hiller ( 2006)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Pauline Hovy ( 2010)
From Separatist Movement to Nation-State: The Influence of Great Powers in South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Kosovo

Zhenhao Huang ( 2018)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Rowan Marie Humphries ( 2019)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Nicholas Michael Allen Iorio ( 2009)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Jeffrey Scott Kappler ( 2001)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Jacob Matthew Kaufhold ( 2021)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Michael Patrick Kelley ( 2007)
Marginal Utility: France as a Strategic Partner to the U.S.

Lauren Kate Kennedy ( 2019)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Eleanore Kristiane Koontz ( 2008)
The Politics of Brazil - Argentina Economic Integration

Artur F Korniluk ( 1992)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Brian Spencer Krusell ( 2011)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Erica Katherine Lally ( 2008)
Siberian Solution? Russian-Iranian Relations and the Iranian Nuclear Question

Grace Hemphill Lange ( 2012)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Ava Birgitta Larson ( 2020)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Anna H Leistikow ( 2015)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Zhuoxuan Li ( 2019)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Kerstin Witte Lien ( 1997)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Madison Grace Littlepage ( 2021)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Courtney M MacNab ( 2002)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Conor James McLaughlin ( 2016)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Kathryn Wilhite McNamara ( 2011)
Context, cautions, and the way forward: prospects for increased U.S. military cooperation with Algeria and Libya

John Edward Meckley ( 1992)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Jennifer Ann Moll ( 2002)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Peter John Moore ( 1993)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Robert Minh Morris ( 1993)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Catherine Rogers Munger ( 2018)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Andrew Paul Murdough ( 2023)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Margaret Theresa Murphy ( 2006)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Ashley deNyse Myers ( 2004)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Sophia Bao Qi Nee ( 2019)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Eric David Neumeister ( 2015)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Anh P Nguyen ( 2019)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Sara A O'Herron ( 2022)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Sara Seyoon Oh ( 1998)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Ryan Michael Oster ( 2023)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Norma Jean Park ( 2018)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Joanna Parker ( 2009)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Signe Elneff Poulsen ( 1995)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Jessica Ann Priselac ( 1999)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Haifeng Qiu ( 2020)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Sara Hilands Ramsay ( 2012)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Helena Reid ( 2005)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

James Adger Reynolds ( 1993)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Nathaniel Vaidya Ricardi ( 2020)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

John Marshall Richards ( 2009)
China's Long March Towards Democracy

Lindsay Marie Robinson ( 2008)
Decentralization in Sub-Saharan Africa: Uganda, Kenya, and Ethiopia in Comparative Perspective

Lauren Amanda Schoneker ( 2011)
The Ideology of Gaullism: The Foundations of European Leash-Slipping

Melissa Scudo ( 1995)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Elizabeth Gardiner Sellen ( 2003)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Katherine Elizabeth Shaw ( 2010)
Climate Change & Conflict in Bangladesh and India

Robert Shaw ( 2005)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Shayna Cal Sheehan ( 2019)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Ryan Z Showman ( 2021)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Clinton William Sieber ( 1995)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Claire Elizabeth Simpson ( 2022)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Aiste Skardziute ( 2009)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Erik Malcolm Smith ( 2022)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Benjamin Russell Soder ( 2019)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Rebecca Louise Somple ( 2012)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Yejin Son ( 2020)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Andrew Peter Sonin ( 2001)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Maclane Davis Speer ( 2020)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Kim Michele Starfield ( 2012)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Elizabeth D Stokely ( 2008)
Perón, Menem and Kirchner: The Enduring Legacy of Peronist Populism and the Argentine Political Economy

Hope Maureen Stollsteimer ( 2023)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Elizabeth Anne Stuhr ( 2012)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Stephanie Martine Michelle Teeuwen ( 2020)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Kyle Wesley Titchenell ( 2024)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Sydney Todd ( 2022)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Edward Arthur Tosti ( 1996)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Huy Quoc Trinh ( 2022)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Yueshan Tu ( 2021)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Annaliese Tucci ( 2020)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Tiffany Rae Tucker ( 2010)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Andrew Hess Turner ( 1998)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Roberto Valentini ( 2020)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Catherine Kirkbride Villada ( 2010)
The Effects of Political Islam in Turkish EU Accession

Corinne Elizabeth Waite ( 2012)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Alec Richmond Ward ( 2018)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Samuel Albert Weisman ( 2018)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Amanda Cate Wernicke ( 2011)
Complements to the Chef: Europe's Common Security and Defense Policy Interventions and U.S. Interests

Mason Dixon Wev ( 1993)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Nora Lucy White ( 2024)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Brendan Jay Williams ( 2000)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Heidi Elizabeth Wissel ( 2010)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Courtney Eve Wojcik ( 2017)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Morgan Taylor Yandow Harding ( 2024)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Julie Z Younes ( 2006)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Merin Klingel Yu ( 2011)
Liberalization of the European Union Natural Gas Market: An Internal Solution to an External Problem

Xiong Jie Zhou ( 2000)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Averyann Rose Zuvic ( 2013)
Departmental Honors in International Studies

Italian & Italian Studies

Jacob Mark DeCarli ( 2022)
I media italiani e il discorso pubblico sulla migrazione contemporanea: Tensioni e percezioni nella comunit' LGBTQ . Una ricerca sul campo

Italian Studies

Christopher Matthew Althouse ( 2024)
Inclusione ed esclusione: l'italiano e il dialetto nelle esperienze di costruzione identitaria di studenti fuorisede a Bologna

Thera Dal Pra Iversen ( 2017)
Contro i margini: L'amica geniale tra dimensione personale e narrativa.

Delphine Dall'Agata ( 2017)
L'orto in citta: dalle radici storiche alle pratiche contemporanee. Agricoltura, pedagogia, recupero urbano e interculturalita in quattro casi di studio nel contesto bolognese.

Ashton Elizabeth Fiucci ( 2015)
L'immigrazione e le questioni irrisolte: gli efetti giuridici sulla condizione degli immigrati nel cinema

Natalie B McNeill ( 2017)
Il Parco del Mincio: Un caso di studio interculturale. Dall'organizzazione del Parco e regolamentazione del volontariato alla definizione e creazione di un watershed

Natura A Sant Foster ( 2020)
Departmental Honors in Italian Studies

Vivian F Sicilia ( 2015)
'L'infiltrata:' il caso di Ksenia Rappoport, una donna straniera nel cinema italiano

Judaic Studies

Sophia Ava Asbell ( 2024)
Coming of Age on the Big Screen: Portrayal of Bar and Bat Mitzvahs in American Film and Television

Adam B Cohen ( 1994)
Departmental Honors in Judaic Studies

Rena Ann Fraade ( 2004)
Departmental Honors in Judaic Studies

James Robert Moser ( 2002)
Jewish Rites of Passage for Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgendered People

Terri Leah Soifer ( 2012)
From Ocean Parkway to Rodeo Drive: The Communal Organization of the Syrian and Iranian American Jewish Communities

Stephanie Alyn Templin Ashford ( 2001)
Departmental Honors in Judaic Studies

Latin American Latinx & Caribbean Studies

Daniela Mar Arnedo Aldrich ( 2019)
Agroecology and Critical Pedagogy: Contributions to Resistance in a Rural Community in Ceará, Brazil

Jacqueline Amezcua ( 2019)
Politics of Memory and the Escrache in Post Dictatorship Argentina

Gabriella Kimberly Farrell ( 2021)
Invisibility and Resistance: Bolivian Migrant Women in Argentina and Gendered Labor Trajectories

Isiah Gabriel Godoy ( 2020)
A Colombian Peace: Impartial Ceasefires and Protected Reintegration Process in Colombia

Elizabeth Marin ( 2018)
Echándole ganas: Identity and Resilience in Oral Histories of Women of Mexican Descent at Dickinson College

Olivia Greer Migliori ( 2017)
Prayers of Peace and Protest: The Relationship between the Catholic Church and Chile's Socialist and Military Governments (1970-1990)

Polly Warner Terzian ( 2017)
The Ni Una Menos Movement in 21st Century Argentina: Combating More than Femicide

Amanda Jo E Wildey ( 2013)
The Local and the Global in Andean Agriculture: Technical Changes and Rural Economy in Coporaque, Peru

Latin American, Latino & Caribbean Studies

Yeslie Nayeli Barrios ( 2023)
Alarming Rates of Incarcerated Women in Mexico for Low-Level Drug Offenses

Latin American, Latinx & Caribbean Studies

Julandry J Almonte ( 2022)
Examining Carolina Maria de Jesus through the lens of Radical Black Feminism

Ashley Garcia ( 2023)
Uncovering the Stories Behind Forced Sterilizations in Puerto Rico: a Post-Colonial, Reproductive Justice Lens

Ellen Silvia Drach McInnes ( 2022)
Interculturality, Community Action, and Indigenous Birthing Practices in Ecuador: A Case Study of the Parteras di Anaku

Cecilia M Ribordy ( 2022)
Afya Practitioners in Our Mothers Gardens: Conceptualizing Holistic Healing Knowledge and Practices in João Pessoa, Brazil, as Manifestations of Womanist Pedagogies

Law & Policy

Terra Renee Barrett ( 2007)
The Law and Policy of No Child Left Behind

Mitchell Aaron Bashur ( 2008)
On the Role of the Public Defender in the Juvenile Justice System

Megan Elizabeth Burke ( 2007)
Women and Sexual Crime in Pennsylvania: An Evaluation of Efficacy of the Law

Jessica Ann Colliver ( 2011)
The law will not go behind the curtain: Battered Woman Syndrome, Feminist Legal Theory, and Reasonable Sex Equality in the Law

Ashley Kaye Damewood ( 2008)
Justice on the Grass: The Failures of International Law and the Emergence of Post-conflict Legal Responses in Africa

Amy Marie Fly ( 2015)
Systematic Pre-Execution Delay: Both a Source of and a Protection against the Arbitrary Administration of the Death Penalty in the U.S.

Stacey Leigh Foltz ( 2007)
Divorce in the 21st Century

Eleanor Grace Frame ( 2009)
A Better IDEA: Evaluating and Improving Legal Standards for Special Needs Education

Daniel Tilton Levine ( 2024)
The Puzzle of Privacy: The Supreme Court's Conception of Liberty from the "Penumbra"

Jenna Wrae Long ( 2012)
Rebalancing Labor Negotiations: The Implications of Enacting Righ-to-Work Laws

Jia Ma ( 2016)
The Legal and Political Implications of the NYPD's Counterterrorism Operations Overseas: The International Liaison Program

Kaitlyn Roddy Maxwell ( 2007)
The Future of Brownfield Sites: An Examination of the Effectiveness of the Small Business Liability Relief and Brownfields Revitalization Act in Promoting Redevelopment of Brownfield Sites

Vicki Jaye Morris ( 2011)
Diagnosing Delinquency: A Study of the Overrepresentation of Children with Disabilities in the Juvenile Justice System

Jillian Paffenbarger ( 2018)
Separating Church and State: A Comparative Legal Analysis of Religious Freedom in France and the United States

Sarah Catherine Smith ( 2009)
Is the Peace Sustainable? The Legal Failure of the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland

Michaela Eileen Zanis ( 2019)
The Line between the Parent and the Child:   An Analysis of the Complications Caused by Drug Addiction in the Dependency System


David Joel Metzer ( 1987)
Alternatives to Tonality in Musical Coherence: small forms -1900-1914


Mengting Chao ( 2020)
Dynamics of the Taylor Series Approximation of the Dixon Elliptic Functions

Catherine Kim Crosby ( 1990)
An Investigation of Dual Spaces of Two-normed Spaces

Michael Divinia ( 1966)
The Lebesgue Integral

Fabio Ariel Drucker ( 2011)
Symbolic Dynamics with Overlapping Partitions and Cocyclic Subshifts

Simon N Feeman ( 2014)
Dynamics of a Family of Eighth-Degree Complex Polynomials

Elizabeth Louise Foster ( 2003)
A Link Between Mathematics and Physics: A Study of Knot Theory and Magnetic Field Line Reconnection

Theresa Sparacio Giesey ( 2004)
Periodic Trajectories in Triangular Billiards: Methods of Construction

Arthur Jeffrey Goldsmith ( 2007)
Dynamics of the Derivative of the Weierstrass Elliptic Function

John K Hampson ( 1967)
Properties and Uses of Schauder Bases in Banach Spaces

Joyce K Lerch ( 1964)
Modern Approximation Methods

Michael Meginnes Livingston ( 1995)
Departmental Honors in Mathematics

Christian R Millichap ( 2008)
Topology of Discretized Configuration Spaces

Alex Pritchard Nash ( 2022)
Parametrized Dynamics of the Dixon Elliptic Functions

Ritwik Kumar Niyogi ( 2009)
Dynamical Effects of Non-Linearities and Time-Varying Gain Modulation in Neurally Plausible Network Models of Perceptual Decision-Making

Frank L Palmer ( 1965)
Certain Theorems Concerning the Summability of Sequences

Matthew Thomas Parks ( 1995)
Constructing an Optimal Baseball Lineup

Angelo Polo ( 2005)
p-Groups and Nilpotency

Katherine Anne Roy ( 2015)
Dynamics of the Real Weierstrass Elliptic Function

Kathryn Anna McAndrew Schlechtweg ( 2014)
On the Generalized Symmetric Spaces of the Semidihedral Groups

Linnea Imler Sennott ( 1965)
Summation and Integration Theory: Utility Grade

Emily Lynn Shambaugh ( 2024)
Factorization Patterns of Polynomials and Partitions

Sandra L Shullman ( 1969)
An Investigation of the Axioms of Conditional Set Existence

Janet Pagdin Simpson ( 1964)
Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors in Finite and Infinite Dimensional Vector Spaces

Moyi Tian ( 2019)
Maypole Braids: An Analysis Using the Annular Braid Group

Thanh Thien To ( 2011)
Mathematical Techniques for Assigniing First-Year Seminars

Dale Wesley Usner ( 1992)
Who Should Play Whom?: An Application of Sequential Decision Making to Tournament Design Problems

Haosong Wang ( 2012)
Dynamics of the Complex Hyperbolic Cosine-Root Family

Paul John Winkler ( 2007)
Circle Maps

Yujia Zhou ( 2013)
Classification of Symbolic Dynamics for One-Dimensional Dynamical Systems with Overlapping Regions

Medieval & Early Modern Studies

David Robert Baron ( 2007)
Foreign Humanity: Frankish-Muslim Relations Around the Time of the First Crusade

Thomas Bradley Elrod ( 2008)
"And All the Court Laughed Loud": Colonialism and Satire in "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight"

Amy Michelle Hall ( 2012)
Honors in Medieval & Early Modern Studies

Christopher Samuel Striker ( 2013)
Saints' Bones or Sinner's Words?: Rhetorical Destabilization, Chaucer's Pardoner, and Boccaccio's Frate Cipolla

Abigail Jane Watson-Popescu ( 2003)
Departmental Honors in Medieval & Early Modern Studies

Middle East Studies

Joseph Seth Gelula ( 2022)
Palestinian Arab Citizens of Israel and Arab Political Parties in the Israeli Knesset

Grace Margaret Ingle ( 2020)
Nationalist Influences on the Turkish Republic's Policies toward Russia

Joshua Bernard Lesser ( 2020)
Moroccan Jewish Popular Belief

Xenia Elizabeth Makosky ( 2024)
Material Culture and Resistance: Palestinian Women's Embroidery

Anthony John Massaro ( 2024)
A Comparative Analysis of Israel's Relations with Selected Arab States


Morgan M Bates ( 2018)
Statements and Songs: A Senior Recital

Alicia Tessa Bazell ( 2018)
A Senior Flute Recital

George Gray Bowerman ( 2012)
Music Performance in Piano

Isabel I Burlingame ( 2015)
Performance Studies Recital

Robert Craig Burlington ( 1993)
Departmental Honors in Music

Lisa Nicole Cacciabaudo ( 1997)
Departmental Honors in Music

Kai Alexander Cheung ( 1993)
Departmental Honors in Music

Michael Philip Daniel ( 2017)
Departmental Honors in Music

Brian Andrew Denis ( 1998)
Departmental Honors in Music

Katherine L Devico ( 1993)
Departmental Honors in Music

Ann Ruth Fogler ( 2015)
Performance Studies Recital

David M Glasgow ( 1993)
Departmental Honors in Music

Mary D Glasspool ( 1976)
The Russian Liturgy and Russian Liturgical Music

Michael Douglas Goldstein ( 1992)
Departmental Honors in Music

Michael Williamson Hoke ( 2012)
Music Performance in Voice

Kirk Mitchell Hornberger ( 1997)
Departmental Honors in Music

Katya Renn Hrichak ( 2017)
Departmental Honors in Music

Elizabeth Eleanor Johnsen ( 2017)
Departmental Honors in Music

Ryan Thomas Karr ( 2013)
Clarinet Performance: Senior Recital

Kestutis Daujotas Kavolis ( 1993)
Departmental Honors in Music

Holly Clare Kelly ( 2015)
Performance Studies Recital

Andrew Michael Koniers ( 1995)
Departmental Honors in Music

Ryan Abel Koons ( 2010)
Dancing Breath: A Study of Music, Dance, and Cosmology at Tvlwv Pvlcekolv

Andrew Geleff Krall ( 1993)
Departmental Honors in Music

Anneke Cooper Krall ( 1993)
Departmental Honors in Music

Skylar L Mead ( 2017)
Departmental Honors in Music

Steven Michael Mercier ( 1998)
Departmental Honors in Music

Erik Douglas Michael ( 1998)
Departmental Honors in Music

Theodore Scott Nowicki ( 2006)
Departmental Honors in Music

Matthew Samuel Orwitz ( 2013)
French horn performance: senior recital

Kira Louise Ousey ( 2021)

Edwin Jordan Padilla ( 2016)
Departmental Honors in Music

Samuel Alden Phelps ( 2019)
Sam Phelps, Great Awakening (an oratorio)

Elyssa Faye Plotkin ( 2009)
Senior Music Performance Recital (clarinet)

Ilana Rainero-de Haan ( 2012)
Enter: Life, a composition for tenor and seven instruments

Stephen Andrew Reale ( 2014)
The Eldritch Dark

Timothy Peter Reed ( 1993)
Departmental Honors in Music

Brian Douglas Reid ( 2017)
Departmental Honors in Music

Jamie L Reuland ( 2006)
Departmental Honors in Music

Eric Daniel Rosenstein ( 2011)
A Symbol and Tool of Hybridity: The Organ and its Role in Reform Judaism

Megan Elizabeth Sarno ( 2009)
Returning to Oneself: Debussy, French Nationalism, and "Le Culte de Moi"

Cailin K Smith ( 2018)
Heard and Not Seen: A Senior Recital

Rachael Marie Smith ( 2016)
Departmental Honors in Music

Jennifer Sarah Somerwitz ( 1993)
Departmental Honors in Music

Matthew John Tretter ( 2005)
Departmental Honors in Music

Henry Joel Usher ( 2007)
Sea Tides

Shuchang Yang ( 2016)
Departmental Honors in Music


Sterling Pacifica Arjona ( 2016)
Histology and Anatomy of the Faveolar and Saccular Lung in Boa Constrictors

Jessica L Bell ( 2018)
Carbon Dioxide-Induced C-Fos Expression in Central Respiratory Chemoreceptors and Development of Respiratory Behavior in Embryonic Mice

Gabrielle Bernstein Frenkel ( 2016)
Cognitive and Social Treatments in a Model of Alzheimer's Disease

Jemma Carrollin Gaines ( 2024)
Employing a denovo expression enhancer protein (DEEP) to overexpress and purify under-studied human voltage-gated potassium channel Kv1.6

Laney JiaWen Herndon ( 2022)
Distribution of Neuromodulators and their Effects on Locomotor Behavior in Larvae of a Marine Mollusc

Rodney D Jones ( 2017)
Neural and Physiologic Correlates of Health-Related Social Identity Threat

Tiffany Nicole Kimbrough ( 2007)
The Effects of Learning and Stress

Zhen Li ( 2011)
The Relationship of Protein Kinase C and Nitric Oxide Signaling in Metamorphosis of Marine Gastropod Larvae, Crepidula fornicata

Li-Yu Liu ( 2011)
Exploring Cell Dissociation in Larval Metamorphosis of the Gastropod Crepidula fornicata

Kelly Marie Lohr ( 2010)
Sex Differences in Carbon Dioxide-Driven Activation of the Retrotrapezoid Nucleus in Fos-Tau-LacZ Mice

Stacey Kathryn Mardekian ( 2008)
Assessment of the Cholinergic and Dopaminergic Systems in Mediating the Acquisition and Expression of Nicotine Conditioned Taste Aversion

Ritwik Kumar Niyogi ( 2009)
Investigating the Source of and Effect of Learning on Sub-optimality in Human Decision Making in a Simple Two-Alternative Forced Choice (TAFC) Task

Madison Anna Parks ( 2017)
Functional Development of Central Chemoreceptors & Onset of Fetal Breathing Movements in Mice

Sara Stokes Patterson ( 2014)
Blue Color Vision Sensitivity in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Kristen Ashley Ratner ( 2012)
The Effect of SCH 23390 on Extinction of Conditioned Hyperactivity in Swiss Webster Mice

Elizabeth Carney Thorsteinson ( 2009)
C-fos Expression Increases Significantly in the Cerebellar Fastigial Nucleus Following Exposure to 10% Carbon Dioxide in FTL Mice

Andre O'Neil White ( 2011)
Prazosin Disrupts Drug-Memory Consolidation

Songhui Zhao ( 2013)
Mechanosensory Regulation of Metamorphosis in a Marine Larva


James J Alvino ( 1969)
A Philosophical Inquiry into Magister Ludi

Kim Billow Armondo ( 1967)
A Perspective on Education

Alison Bailey ( 1983)
Image and Likeness: The Origins and Development of the Concept of Aesthetic Mimesis

Andrew Joseph Barron ( 2011)
The Empirical Untenability of Sentient Artificial Intelligence

William Matthew Bartek ( 1992)
Moral Medical Decision Making for the Terminally Ill Mentally Retarded

Adam Laufer Berman ( 2014)
Blameless Resentment: A Critique of Strawson

Chaney Brinkman Burlin ( 2013)
A Defense of Michael Williams' Theoretical Diagnosis of Skepticism

Alexander Chester Cameron ( 2008)
Elevating the Discourse: There is no "I" in Team

Ella Bone Chatterjee ( 1966)
The Movements of Metaphor in Myth: An Interpretation of the Birth of Dionysus

Frank Chessa ( 1985)
Formalism and Falsity in Scientific Representation

Kirsten Rose Dedrickson ( 2015)
Moral Realism and Moral Disagreement

Eric J Deitch ( 1986)
A Critique of Language and the Phenomenological reductions of Edmund Husserl

Mary Devereaux ( 1974)
Descriptional Metaphysics --- A Look at Twentieth Century Philosophy

Caitlin Marie Doak ( 2016)
Queer Ecology

John B Exdell ( 1967)
Plato and Tragedy

Sheryl Floyd ( 1972)
Myself and the Other

Alexandra Fiona Fosbury ( 2021)
Resisting Dehumanization through First-Person Accounts of Solitary Confinement

Austin Tate Fuller ( 2020)
Humor and the Absurd

Zachary George Garrett ( 2017)
Conjoined Twinning: Answers from Animalism

Paul Joseph Gaver ( 2015)
Constructivism in Meta-Ethics

Denean Elizabeth Geer ( 2005)
Departmental Honors in Philosophy

Andrew Giesler ( 1986)
The New Intentionality

Patrick James Glen ( 2002)
The Dissolution of Paradox: An Examination of the Internal/External Distinction and its Relation to Paradox

Jingxuan Hao ( 2021)
Intrinsic Value, Virtue, and Evolutionary Relativism

Matthew Douglas Hartwig ( 2011)
A Critique of Kymlock's Liberal Multiculturalism in Philosophy

John J Holder ( 1982)
Quantum Physics and Reality: Puzzles and Paradigms

Jeffrey P Kistler ( 1967)
Being Together??

Amanda Ruth Lagji ( 2009)
The Postcolonial Feminist Nietzschean Heroism in Tsitsi Dangarembga's "Nervous Conditions"

John Walter Leibundgut ( 2018)
Explaining the Referent of "We": An Explanatory Answer to Olsen's Question

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Departmental Honors in Political Science

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Bias in News Reporting: A Case study of New York Times Front Page Coverage of the Soviet Economy

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The 17th Century Origins of 19th & 20th Century Radical Thought

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Impetus for Change in Latin America - Internal or External?

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Religious Intensity, Militancy, and Anomie in the Carlisle Negro

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The influence of Social Darwinism on constitutional laissez-faire (1873 to 1895)

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Bordering Care: A Feminist Care Ethics Approach to Open Boarders

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Delegate or Trustee? Preferences of Representation for School Board Members and Constituents

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Immigration Policy in Southern Europe from 1990-2010: A Comparative Perspective

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Affirmative Action, the First Amendment, and the Gradual Erosion of Equal Protection from Racial Discrimination

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Developing Democracy: A Probabilistic Framework for Assessing Preconditions to Democracy in Later-Developing Countries

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After Afghanistan: Al Qaeda's Future in Failed States

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Electoral Authoritarianism in Russia

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Effects of Armed Conflict on Women's Political Participation: A Study of Selected Civil Wars in the Arab World.

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The Effects of Eliminating the Straight-Ticket Voting Option (STVO) in Pennsylvania: How Ballot Roll-Off and Demographic Considerations Differ Post-STVO

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Black Nationalism and Black Politics in the 1960's

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Departmental Honors in Political Science

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Interest Group Branding and the Private Donation Habits of Lobbyists

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Judicial Reasoning Has No Expiration Date: An Analysis of the Natural Cycle Theory as Applied to the Supreme Court of the United States

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Speech or Sex: The Porn Debate and American Politics

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Democrats and the Death Penalty: An Analysis of State Democratic Leaders and Public Opinion

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Senator McCarthy and his Methods

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China, Reform, and Economic Development in sub-Saharan Africa

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Decentralization in Sub-Saharan Africa: Uganda, Kenya, and Ethiopia in Comparative Perspective

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"This is My City": Mayor Richard J. Daley, Chicago, and the Politics of Police Repression

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The Role of the Negro Church in Racial Advancement

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Behavioralism in Political Science: An Interpretation of its Uses and Limitations

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Shifting Discourses of Tolerance: The Framing of Muslim Minorities in the U.S. and the UK Before and After National Traumas

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Deliberative Democracy in the #MeToo Era: A Chance to Reconcile?

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Containment: America's Foreign Policy since World War Two

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Was It the Luck of the Irish? A Comparative Analysis of the Levels of Success Attained by the Irish and Basque Nationalist Movements

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Presidential leadership of Congress: Woodrow Wilson, the New Freedom, and the 63rd Congress, 1913-1915

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The Theory and Practice of African Socialism

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Loyalty by Oath: A Critical Analysis of Loyalty-Security Programs in the United States

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Riyals, Dinars, and Dirhams: Political Inclusion of Migrant Workers in GCC Member States

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Marxism, Alienation, and Contemporary Culture

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Decentralization and Political Corruption in Sub Saharan Africa

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Analyzing Columns of "Priestley Pundits": E. J. Dionne, Jr., David Broder, and George Will


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Can Information About Eating Disorders Improve College Students' Mental Health Literacy and Lower Their Agreement with Eating Disorder Stereotypes?

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Exploring the Impact of Parental Pressure on College Athletes

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Departmental Honors in Psychology

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Developing Into an Impostor: The Role of Intergroup Contact and Achievement Motivation among Students of Color

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Effects of Diagnosis and Evidence Type on Insanity Defense Outcomes and Juror Perceptions

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An Analysis of Positive Reinforcement, Discrimination, Response Competition and Anxiety in Avoidance Conditioning

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Judging Smokers: How Anger and Disgust Shape Our Moral Beliefs

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Lesbian and Bisexual Women's Body Image: Negotiating Intersections of Identity

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Gender Differences in Motivation, Behavior and Achievement in a Math-related College Course

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Departmental Honors in Psychology

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Touch in Sexual Encounters: Perceptions of Partners' Consent

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A study of the role of intermediate medial hyperstriatum ventrale in place preference learning in day-old chicks

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Testing the Motivational Hypothesis: An Assessment of the Relationship between Risk Perceptions and Hypertension Medication Adherence Intentions

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The Precariousness of Manhood and Womanhood in the U.S.

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Phantom Effects, or What Happens When I Can't Get What I Want

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Departmental Honors in Psychology

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Practice Enables Category Priming of Words Without (Partial) Awareness

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Departmental Honors in Psychology

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Departmental Honors in Psychology

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Disordered Eating in Female Collegiate Athletes: Investigating the Relationships between Coaching and Parenting Styles, Psychological Needs, and Self-Determined Motivation

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The Effects of Regular Reinforcement, Intermittent Reinforcement and Verbal Instruction upon the Extinction of a Conditioned GSR

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The Role of the Alpha1-adrenergic Receptor in Caffeine-Induced Conditioned Taste Avoidance and Discrimination in Rats

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Bupropion Facilitates Expression of a Conditioned Place Aversion in Nicotine-Exposed Rats

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Departmental Honors in Psychology

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Worry and Risk Perceptions about Heart Attack and stroke in Hypertensive Patients

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Departmental Honors in Psychology

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An Experimental Investigation of Fat Talk Among College Women

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Understanding Risks for Conduct Problems

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Risk Perceptions and Relationship Intentions among Women in a Domestic Violence Shelter

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Rethinking Recovery: Posttraumatic Growth Through Eating Disorder Recovery

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Limited Environmental Enrichment Blunts Methamphetamine Sensitization in Young Mice

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'What Did You Do Last Night?': How Sharing Hookup Narratives Impacts Friendships and Displays Status Among College Women

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Self-Efficacy and Risk Perception: Psychological Variables of Women's Adherence over a Six Week Weight Loss Program

Caralie Rose Yount Price ( 2024)
Scale in Mothers and Fathers: Findings from the Community Child Health Network (CCHN) Multi-Site Study

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Decision-making between Different Sized Choice Sets: How the Number of Available Options Affects Peak Satisfaction

Laura Michelle Rockman ( 2007)
Unconscious Semantic Processing of Visually Masked words by Third-, fourth-, and Fifth-grade Children

Maya Caitlin Rose ( 2013)
The Effects of Early Diagnosis and Intervention on Success Among Postsecondary Students with Learning Disabilities

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Departmental Honors in Psychology

Shea Marguerite Tate-Di Donna ( 1999)
Departmental Honors in Psychology

Margaret Rose Tobias ( 2010)
Judging Fatness: The Effects of Emotion on Moral Judgment and Moral Judgment of Emotion

Deana Maryann Vitrano ( 2012)
Comparing Perception and Imagination at the Visual Cortex

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Departmental Honors in Psychology

Julia West McGinley ( 2008)
Stigma and Beliefs About Eating Disorders in a Sample of College Women

Freya Mae Whittaker ( 2021)
COVID-19 Pandemic and Substance Use Behaviors


Sophia Ava Asbell ( 2024)
Coming of Age on the Big Screen: Portrayal of Bar and Bat Mitzvahs in American Film and Television

Yale Asbell ( 1978)
Comparative Chinese and Greek Alchemical Traditions: A study in Meaning and Ontology

Aidan P Birth ( 2021)
The Eucharist During a Time of Pandemic: A Look into the Past, Current Practices, and Future Considerations"

Ryan Lindsay Corbett ( 2013)
From Liberation to Coexistence: Redefining Palestinian Liberation Theology

James Calvin Davis ( 1992)
Crossing the Chasm: Puritan Influences in Edward Taylor and Anne Bradstreet

Marie Elizabeth Dougherty ( 2004)
Departmental Honors in Religion

Alexander William Froom ( 2008)
Living the Narrative: The Reflection of Navajo Mythology in Navajo Social Institutions

Zachary George Garrett ( 2017)
Death to the World: the Last Punks-Monks

Kathleen Louise Getaz ( 2017)
Religious Actors in Intractable Conflict: Case Studies from the Israel-Palestine Conflict

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The Gnostic Answer to the Problem of the One and the Many

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Therapeutic Effects of Spiritual Practice for Individuals with Temporary Lobe Epilepsy

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A Model of Syncretism and Indonesian Religions

Shuyan Huang ( 2019)
Foreigners Among Their Own Kinsmen-How Tibetan Catholic Communities Survive and Thrive in the Tibetan Regions Along the Yunnan-Tibetan Borders

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A Study of Gospels

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Coptic Influences Behind Celtic Design: Logical Fallacies and Evidential Problems of Traditional Theories

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Ardhanarisvara within the God-Image: An Exploration of the Androgynous Deity in Hindu Tantra and Jungian Psychology

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Departmental Honors in Religion

Jeffrey Scott Meyer ( 2005)
The Divine Liturgy of St. Gregory of Nazianzus: Text, History, Theology

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Comparing Goals and Methods in Zen Buddhism and Wittgenstein

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Embracing Ambivalence: Towards a Post-Holocaust German-Jewish Identity

Jeffrey Christopher Reese ( 2007)
Illumination in Saints Augustine and Maximus the Confessor: Differing Emphases within a Common Neoplatonic Heritage

Christopher D Scharf ( 2022)
The Miracle of Christ as a Product of a Unitary State

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Iconocentric Mysticism in Byzantine Christianity and South Asian Religions

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Self and Service: The Grounds of the Engaged Spirituality of Thomas Merton and Thich Nhat Hanh

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Departmental Honors in Religion

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The Resurgence of Enochic Religion

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The Eleusinian Mysteries: The Archaeology of the Ritual

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Anabaptist Women in the Reformation: Theology, Practice, and Social Roles


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Sovremmenoe sostoyanie demokratii v rossii: novie vekhi ili Povtorenie Proshlogo

Margaret Ann Browndorf ( 2008)
The Carnivalesque OBERIU: Poetics of the Body in the 1930s Writings of Nikolai Oleinikov, Aleksandr Vvedensky, and Daniil Kharms

Simon Gaetano Ciccarillo ( 2016)
Russia, Latin America, and the Conflict in Ukraine

Stephanie Sugrue Conaghan ( 1992)
Departmental Honors in Russian

Peter Gerard DeMartino ( 1994)
Departmental Honors in Russian

Suzanne Chandler Derr ( 2005)
The Oligarchs of Russia: Their Impact on Society and Business Culture

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Utopian Vision, Industrial Realizations, and Dystopian Realities

Caroline Erin Elkin ( 2015)
The Vocabulary of Green Politics through Kazakhstan's Green Economic Policies

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Vrubel's Demon in the Context of Nineteenth-Century Literature

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The Rise of Radical Islam in Russia and Russian Areas of Interest: Challenges to National Security and Political Stability

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Functions in Slavic Tales: Applying Vladimir Propp's Morphology of Fairy Tales to Modern Retellings

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A Nationalist and a Conservative: The Search for a Reconciliation of Apparent Dichotomies in the Art Songs of P.I. Tchaikovsky and S.V. Rachmaninov

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Georgia at a Crossroads: Balancing Western Aspirations, Russian Influences & Internal Divisions

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Second Language and Cultural Training for Early Childhood Education: Design, Practice, Impact

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Soviet Humor in NEP Literature: An Inverted Reflection of Life

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Shostakovich: The Mystery of the Music

Alyssa Martin ( 2022)
Domestic Violence and the Domestic Violence Situation within the United States and Russia

Sophia Miretskiy ( 2020)

Jonathan Gallegos Ontiberos ( 2011)
Departmental Honors in Russian

Elizabeth Kay Price ( 2022)
Мир против апартеида: How the USSR and the USA Supported the South African Anti-Apartheid Movement from Oceans Away

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Russian ikan'e and akan'e in Learners with L1 American English

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Oil in the Russian Federation: An Examination of the Short and Long-term Environmental Impacts of the Komi Oil Spill

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The Art of Vrubel: Unique Creativity, Unusual Life, and Mental Illness

Russian Area Studies

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The Carnivalesque OBERIU: Poetics of the Body in the 1930s Writings of Nikolai Oleinikov, Aleksandr Vvedensky, and Daniil Kharms

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Self-Developed Study: Comparative Literature

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Departmental Honors in Self-Developed Study: Comparative Literature

Self-Developed: Film Studies

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Subverting Paradigms of Storytelling in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Self-Developed: Intellectual History

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The Populist Rhetoric of American Politics: Conservative and Democratic Discourse as seen through the Populist and Tea Party Movement

Self-developed: Bioethics

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Embryonic Stem Cell Research: An Investment in the Future


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Life After Warming: Managing Emotions in Youth Climate Activism

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The Silencing of Anita Hill and Dr. Blasely Ford: An Examination of Gendered Language Differences in Cases of Sexual Misconduct

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Bisexual Burdens: Individuals with Nonexclusive Attractions Creating Authentic Identities

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The (in)Convenient Truth: Exploring Waidner-Spahr Library as a Repository for Books, Scholars & whiteness

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Negotiating Identities Within Contemporary American Society: Women of the Indian Community of Central PA

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Social Conditions of Extremist Movements in the United States

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Societies at War, the Sexes at Peace

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The Colonial Legacy of the Cameroon Anglophone Crisis

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Towards an Emergence from the Silence of Shame: The Need for Narrative Voice among Family Members of the Mentally Ill

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The New Racial Wealth Chasm: Asian, Hispanic and African-American Wealth Inequality in the Twenty-First Century

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The Self-Understandings of Refugeedome: Unpacking Resettlement and Agency among Refugee and Host-Communities in Jordan

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What Kids Don't Know Can Hurt them: The Dilemma of Sex Education in the United States

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Coming Up for Air: Motherhood in the Age of the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Muslim Women in the Netherlands and the United States: Virginity and Identity Formation

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Elite Colleges or Colleges for the Elite?: A Qualtative Analysis of Dickinson Students' Perceptions of Privilege

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Negro-African Interaction, 1950-1964: A Content Analysis of Negro Communication Media

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The Changing Realms of American Medicine: Declining Prestige in a Turbulent Industry

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In Our Own Eyes, Through Our Own Voices: Deconstructing the Silence surrounding Systemic Sexual Violence and Black/African American Women.

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Race, Class, and Food Justice in South Allison Hill

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Entitlement and Anguish: An Analysis of Masculinity and Misogyny in American School Shootings

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Valuing Their Voices: HIV/AIDS Activists in an Era of Professionalization and Public Apathy

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A Student Body of Global Citizens?" International Students' Perceptions and Experiences of Race on Dickinson's Campus

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Spanish & Portuguese Studies

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Contextualizing Chilean Literature Through the Legal Code

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A Study of Religion and Gender in Two Latin American Authors

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Migración, trauma y la voz comunitaria en María en la tierra de nadie, de Marcela Zamora

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The Transformation of Text

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De Hipócrates al Condado de Adams: Trazando la medicina humoral en literatura y práctica

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Religious Ideology in the Conquest and Colonization of the Indies

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Dictatorship and Trauma in the Dominican Republic

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La "re-presentación" de la voz femenina en los textos testimoniales de la Guerra Civil Salvadorena

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Artistic Activism in Vieques: An Exploration of Puerto Rican Resistance through the Lens of Allora and Calzadilla's Performance Art Series

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The Formation of Historical Narratives at the Alhambra

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La comunidad japonesa en Brasil

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Conocimiento filosófico en los cuentos de Borges

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Entre el clavel y la espada, un patriota sin patria: Como el exilio le convirtió a Rafael Alberti en un gran poeta de la Generación del 27 y del siglo XX

Theatre & Dance

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Theatre of Ionesco: The Truth of the Imagination

Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies

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Ladies' Room: Women's Space in Women's Literature.

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Sex Trafficking and Prostitution Law in Pennsylvania

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Knowledge (of) Reproduction

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Imagined Communities and Embodied Experience: The Creation of a Feminist? Nationalist Identity in Bosnia and Herzegovina