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Luca Trazzi

Senior Lecturer in Italian (2013)

Contact Information


Bosler Hall Room 220


Luca Trazzi holds degrees in foreign languages, linguistics, and food studies. At Dickinson, he teaches elementary, intermediate, and writing-in-the-discipline (WID) Italian courses and organizes Italian events on campus. As a contributing faculty member to the Food Studies Certificate, he has chaired the program and taught “Introduction to Food Studies,” the certificate's gateway course. He developed a Globally Integrated Course for Intermediate Italian focused on sustainability, urban agriculture, and urban markets in Italy. In June 2022, he led a summer program in Food Studies, titled “Bioregions and Food Cultures of Italy,” in which participants studied local food systems through the holistic concepts of bioregion and terroir. In May 2023, he was the Faculty Host for an Alumni Global Adventure to discover the flavors of Bologna and Central Italy. He is currently on sabbatical engaged in research and program development while also preparing to serve as Faculty Director for the Dickinson in Italy: European Studies program in Bologna (2024-26.)


  • B.A., Alma Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna, Italy, 2007
  • M.A., 2010
  • M.A., 2019