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Faculty Profile

Kristin Strock

Associate Professor of Environmental Studies (2014)

Contact Information

on sabbatical 2023-24

Kaufman Hall Room 112


Dr. Strock uses modern aquatic ecology and fossil records contained in lake sediments, to explore issues that are critical to effectively managing freshwater resources. Her interests include freshwater and ecosystem ecology and paleoecology, ecosystem response to changes in climate and atmospheric deposition, watershed biogeochemistry, algal ecology, food-web interactions, and freshwater resource management. As an “Explorer” with National Geographic, Dr. Strock is studying carbon cycling in the ice, rivers, and lakes of Arctic environments, such as Iceland and Greenland. She is also leading an effort to better understand toxic algae as an emerging threat in Pennsylvania waterways. This work is a collaboration with local, state, and federal partners to develop data-driven methods that allow us to better manage our freshwater resources in the face of environmental change.


  • B.S., James Madison University, 2006
  • M.S., University of Maine, 2010
  • Ph.D., 2013

2023-2024 Academic Year

Fall 2023

ENST 218 Geographic Information Systems
Cross-listed with ARCH 218-02, ERSC 218-02 and GISP 218-02.

ENSC 550 Environmental Science Research

Spring 2024

ENSC 550 Environmental Science Research