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Faculty Profile

Steve Riccio

Senior Lecturer in International Business and Management (2015)

Contact Information

Althouse Hall Room 101


Steve’s passion is working with individuals and teams to create purpose that leads to lasting fulfillment. He believes that each of us possess unique talents and strengths that need to be utilized for the greater good to society.


  • B.S., Millersville University, 1992
  • M.P.A., Kutztown University, 1998
  • Ed.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2010

2022-2023 Academic Year

Fall 2022

INBM 100 Fundamentals of Business
This course features an introductory focus on a wide range of business subjects including the following: business in a global environment; forms of business ownership including small businesses, partnerships, multinational and domestic corporations, joint ventures, and franchises; management decision making; ethics; marketing; accounting; management information systems; human resources; finance; business law; taxation; uses of the internet in business; and how all of the above are integrated into running a successful business. You will learn how a company gets ideas, develops products, raises money, makes its products, sells them and accounts for the money earned and spent. This course will not fulfill a distribution requirement.

INBM 230 Intl Organizational Behavior
This course looks at how human systems function within the structure of the organization and how individual and group behaviors affect collective organizational culture and organizational effectiveness. Students study individual, interpersonal, and group processes; the relationship between attitudes and behavior; ethical decision-making; and the management of organizational conflict and change. Approaches for developing leadership, managing conflict, communicating effectively, enhancing efficiency, and encouraging organizational adaption to changing environments are explored. Examples taken from domestic and international organizations are used throughout the course. Prerequisite: 100 or permission of the instructor.

INBM 300 Profiles in Leadership
Why are some leaders more effective than others? How do accomplished leaders from Dickinson’s alumni community understand their success? What are the most important challenges today’s leaders need to confront? This course combines weekly presentations by some of Dickinson’s most distinguished alumni with in-depth discussion on many contemporary leadership issues. The first class each week will center on alumni presentations about their civic and professional leadership experiences, allowing substantial time for Q&A. The second will focus on the review of relevant issues in the study of leadership. Students’ coursework will include a casebook of one-page reflections on our guests' presentations, an annotated bibliography on a leadership issue of their choice (submitted at mid-semester), and a final project in which students analyze a significant issue or case study from the course through the disciplinary lens of their major.

SINE 500 Sustainable Business Practices