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Katie Marchetti

(she/her/hers)Associate Professor of Political Science (2015)

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Denny Hall Room 12


Professor Marchetti's teaching interests focus on gender and U.S. politics, interest groups, intersectionality, political representation, and political methodology. Her research on these and other topics has been published in Politics & Gender; Journal of Women, Politics and Policy; Gender, Place & Culture; Interest Groups & Advocacy; Politics, Groups and Identities; State and Local Government Review; Political Science Research and Methods; Journal of Political Science Education; Politics and Religion and several edited volumes. Professor Marchetti's research and commentary have also been published by The Washington Post, CNN, The Hill, and the London School of Economics, among other outlets.

Curriculum Vitae


  • B.A., Gettysburg College, 2007
  • M.A., Pennsylvania State University, 2009
  • Ph. D., 2013

2023-2024 Academic Year

Fall 2023

FYSM 100 First-Year Seminar
The First-Year Seminar (FYS) introduces students to Dickinson as a "community of inquiry" by developing habits of mind essential to liberal learning. Through the study of a compelling issue or broad topic chosen by their faculty member, students will: - Critically analyze information and ideas - Examine issues from multiple perspectives - Discuss, debate and defend ideas, including one's own views, with clarity and reason - Develop discernment, facility and ethical responsibility in using information, and - Create clear academic writing The small group seminar format of this course promotes discussion and interaction among students and their professor. In addition, the professor serves as students' initial academic advisor. This course does not duplicate in content any other course in the curriculum and may not be used to fulfill any other graduation requirement.

POSC 239 Research Methods
Helps the student answer (in the affirmative) the question, "Is political science a science?" Students will learn how to generate and test hypotheses through creating and executing research designs. Survey research, experimentation, content analysis, participant observation, and other methodologies will be studied. Although no prior knowledge of statistics is necessary, Math 121 is helpful. This class is especially recommended for prospective graduate students in the social sciences.

Spring 2024

WGSS 202 Gender,Politics & Policy in US
Cross-listed with POSC 233-01. Overview of gender and politics in the United States. Examines the roles women play in the U.S. policy process, how public policies are "gendered", and how specific policies compare to feminist thinking about related issue areas. The course also discusses gender-based differences in political participation inside and outside of government. This course is cross-listed as WGSS 202. Prerequisite: 120 or AP credit equivalent.

POSC 233 Gender,Politics & Policy in US
Cross-listed with WGSS 202-03.

POSC 245 Pol Parties & Interest Groups
A study of the functions, structures, and operations of American political parties and interest groups. Course topics include how political parties and interest groups represent people and policies, the sociodemographic bases of political parties, the role of third parties in the U.S. political system, how lobbyists interact with government officials, and the influence of organized interests in politics. Prerequisite: 120, or permission of the instructor.

POSC 560 Stu/Faculty Collaborative Rsch