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Christofilis Maggidis

Associate Professor of Archaeology; Christopher Roberts Chair in Archaeology (2001)

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Maggidis is currently Director of Glas, Assistant to the Director of Mycenae, and President of the Mycenaean Foundation with nearly three decades of field experience at major archaeological sites, including Mycenae, Glas, Crete (Archanes, Idaion Cave), and Akrotiri (Thera). Since receiving his post-doctorate from Brown University and a research fellowship from Harvard, his research and teaching interests focus primarily on Minoan and Mycenaean art and archaeology, but they also include topics in Greek sculpture and architecture. Maggidis is the author of many articles, international conference papers, and three forthcoming books.


  • B.A., University of Athens, 1988
  • Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1994

2017-2018 Academic Year

Fall 2017

ARCH 130 Roman Archaeology
Cross-listed with CLST 224-01.

ARTH 205 Ancient Greek Sculpture
Cross-listed with ARCH 222-01. A thorough survey of ancient Greek sculpture from 1050 BC to 31 BC, with consideration of both mainland Greece and the Greek colonies (Asia Minor, Pontus, Syria, Phoenice, Egypt, S Italy and Sicily). Daedalic, Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic periods; sculpture in the round and architectural sculpture, monumental and small-scale sculpture. Materials, techniques, and principles; subject matter and iconography, stylistic and technical developments; styles and regional trends; ancient Greek masters and their schools, legendary contests; consideration of ancient literary sources (including readings from Pausanias and Pliny the Elder) and Roman copies of Greek originals. Visits to archaeological collections and Museums; hands-on examination of selected important sculptures (prospective cast collection on-campus).

ARCH 222 Ancient Greek Sculpture
Cross-listed with ARTH 205-01.

CLST 224 Roman Archaeology
Cross-listed with ARCH 130-01.

ARCH 300 Arch Theory & Interpretation
Cross-listed with ANTH 300-01.

ANTH 300 Arch Theory & Interpretation
Cross-listed with ARCH 300-01.

Summer 2018

ARCH 301 Fieldwork in Classical Arch
Cross-listed with CLST 301-01.

CLST 301 Fieldwork in Classical Arch
Cross-listed with ARCH 301-01.