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John Haiduck

Senior Military Instructor in Military Science

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554 W Louther St

2017-2018 Academic Year

Fall 2017

MISC 101 Intro to Military Leadership I
A first-look at the challenges of adaptive leadership in a complex world. Students are introduced to complex problems and tasked with developing their own solutions using critical thinking skills. Students will learn how to deal with outcome-based training in which they are given a desired result, and must find solutions that are acceptable, reasonable and feasible for the situation. Areas of interest include an introduction to Army leadership, values, customs and courtesies, basic Army formations, land navigation and tactics all of which form the foundation for a career of service to the nation as a U.S. Army Officer. No course credit. Pass/Fail grade given. Open to all Dickinson students.

Spring 2018

MISC 102 Intro Military Leadership II
A critical inquiry into the evolution of the relationship between military policy and the foreign and economic policies of the United States. A careful study of military history designed to foster in the student a balanced judgment of both political leaders and Soldiers and of their mutual problems in the conduct of military affairs in peace and war. By means of both written and oral presentations regarding the history of military art, battle history, technical studies and the relationship of the armed forces with society, students will be encouraged to develop a habit of critical reflection. To complement their investigation of military history, students will receive practical instruction in the application of military art and basic Soldier skills.Prerequisite: 101 or permission of instructor. One full course credit. Open to all Dickinson students.