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Faculty Profile

Susan Feldman

Professor of Philosophy (1980)

Contact Information

East College Room 205


Her interests include the history of modern philosophy, the problem of knowledge and skepticism, philosophy of science and ethics, both pure" and "applied" to such areas as the environment, the status of women, medicine and public policy."


  • B.A., Case Western Reserve University, 1974
  • M.A., 1976
  • M.A., University of Rochester, 1978
  • Ph.D., 1980

2019-2020 Academic Year

Spring 2020

PHIL 202 17th & 18th Century Philosophy
This course treats the Rationalists, Empiricists and Kant, with particular emphasis on issues in epistemology and metaphysics, such as the possibility and limits of human knowledge, the role of sense perception and reason in knowledge, the nature of substance, God and reality.Prerequisite: one prior course in philosophy or permission of the instructor.

PHIL 254 Philosophy of Science
This course considers such issues as the distinction between science and non-science; the relation of evidence to scientific theories; truth and rationality in science; competition among theories; the nature of scientific explanation; methods of scientific thinking; the impact of science on society. Prerequisite: one prior course in philosophy or permission of the instructor.

PHIL 550 Independent Research