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Rachel Eng

Assistant Professor of Art and Art History (2016)

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  • B.F.A., Pennsylvania State University, 2010
  • M.F.A., University of Colorado at Boulder, 2013

2018-2019 Academic Year

Fall 2018

ARTH 224 Wheelwork Ceramics
A studio course exploring expressive possibilities offered by the potters wheel. Students will examine both utilitarian and sculptural aspects of the medium. A variety of clays, glazes and firing approaches will be examined.

ARTH 410 Senior Studio Seminar, Part 1
The first in a two-course sequence required for senior studio art majors. Critiques of students' work will include examination of timely topics in the visual arts and the relationship of the artist to society. Critiques, selected critical readings, museum visits and visiting artists will provide the basis for discussion. Prerequisite: Majors only or permission of instructor. Co-requisite: One studio course.

ARTH 500 Independent Study

ARTH 500 Independent Study

Spring 2019

ARTH 226 Ceramic Sculpture
This introductory course examines the principal attributes of sculpture with a focus on clay as the primary fabrication material. Students will examine a range of firing, glazing, and construction techniques. Satisfies 3D requirement for the studio art major.

ARTH 360 Advanced Ceramics
This class is centered on strengthening technical, research, and personal project development skills to further each students individual studio practice. We will focus on self-directed projects (utilitarian and sculptural), and consider how we display and install our finished projects. Individual and group discussions will be integral, as well as frequent one on one meetings. Through readings and class discussions that focus on established art theory and contemporary artists and critics in the field, we will gain fluency in speaking about your and others art.

ARTH 411 Senior Studio, Part 2
Second half of the required, yearlong capstone for senior studio art majors. This course will continue with the critique-based model of independent studio practice as established in the first semester. The main focus of this course will be completing a fully developed body of thesis work for exhibition in the Trout Gallery, and the production of a supporting catalog. Prerequisite: 410

ARTH 500 Independent Study