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Rachel Eng

(she/her/hers)Associate Professor of Art and Art History (2016)

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Professor Eng primarily teaches courses focused in ceramics and 3D mediums. In her own work, she undertakes projects that employ clay, video projections, and sounds to create layered and contemplative pieces as well as compositions using found materials. Change, decay, and regeneration are central content to these artworks and her work grapples with topics, such as climate change, land use/development, and their connection to memory.


  • B.F.A., Pennsylvania State University, 2010
  • M.F.A., University of Colorado at Boulder, 2013

2024-2025 Academic Year

Fall 2024

ARTH 226 Ceramic Sculpture
This introductory course examines the principal attributes of sculpture with a focus on clay as the primary fabrication material. Students will examine a range of firing, glazing, and construction techniques. Satisfies 3D requirement for the studio art major.

ARTH 360 Advanced Wheelwork Ceramics
Selected advanced studio techniques and concepts. The content of each course will be altered periodically. Prerequisites: two studio art courses at the 100- or 200-level, or permission of the instructor.

ARTH 410 Senior Studio Seminar, Part 1
The first in a two-course sequence required for senior studio art majors. Critiques of students' work will include examination of timely topics in the visual arts and the relationship of the artist to society. Critiques, selected critical readings, museum visits and visiting artists will provide the basis for discussion. Prerequisite: Majors only or permission of instructor. Co-requisite: One studio course.