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Faculty Profile

Elena Duzs

Associate Professor of Russian (1997)

Contact Information

Bosler Hall Room 204


Her teaching interests include Russian and Hungarian languages and Russian literature and culture of all periods. Her scholarly interests focus on Mikhail Kuzmin, Russian symbolist poet, and the contemporary poet and artist Prygov.


  • M.A., Moscow State University, 1985
  • M.A., Ohio State University, 1988
  • Ph.D., 1996

2022-2023 Academic Year

Fall 2022

RUSS 201 Intermediate Russian
Advanced grammar review incorporating controlled reading and composition. Emphasis on speaking competence continued through oral reports and conversational topics. Prerequisite: 102 or the equivalent. This course fulfills the language graduation requirement.

RUSS 333 Adv Sem in Russ Cult & Lit
Authentic Russian texts in different genres and disciplines present specific sets of challenges, including specialized vocabulary, narrative conventions, and idiosyncratic grammar. This course prepares students for reading, analyzing, and discussing challenging, authentic Russian texts in a variety of disciplines and genres, with an emphasis on close reading and cultural context. The course is taught in Russian and includes a variety of texts or focus on one literary text. May include courses taken in Russia. Prerequisite: 231, 232 or equivalent.

RUSS 500 Russian Through Art