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Anthony Cervino

Associate Professor of Studio Art (2006)

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Goodyear Room 104


Mostly Harmless


  • B.F.A., University of North Carolina, 1997
  • M.F.A., Towson University, 2003

2017-2018 Academic Year

Fall 2017

ARTH 123 Fundamentals of Sculpture
A studio course covering basic elements of three-dimensional composition and sculpture. Students will construct sculptures examining a range of media and fabrication techniques.

ARTH 410 Senior Studio Seminar, Part 1
The first in a two-course sequence required for senior studio art majors. Critiques of students' work will include examination of timely topics in the visual arts and the relationship of the artist to society. Critiques, selected critical readings, museum visits and visiting artists will provide the basis for discussion. Prerequisite: Majors only or permission of instructor. Co-requisite: One studio course.

Spring 2018

ARTH 130 Art and Sustainability
This course promotes themes of sustainability and social engagement as the catalyst for artmaking. Primarily investigated through the design and construction of sculptures, installation art or other creative acts, students will explore creative practices exemplified by land art, social practice art, collaborative art, and social sculpture, among others.

ARTH 160 Fundamentals of Metalwork
This course offers an introduction to the use of various metals and metalworking processes used in the construction of sculptures. Welding, forging and casting processes will be explored to design, create, and display a number of sculpture projects made in this class.

ARTH 235 Post Studio Projects
The course provides an introduction to a variety of art making processes and philosophies outside a traditional studio context. Projects focus on individual and collaborative experiences that are not media specific; students create site-specific interventions, text-based installations, and performances, among other explorations, to consider critical and conceptual approaches to art.Prerequisite: One studio course or permission of instructor.

ARTH 411 Senior Studio, Part 2
Second half of the required, yearlong capstone for senior studio art majors. This course will continue with the critique-based model of independent studio practice as established in the first semester. The main focus of this course will be completing a fully developed body of thesis work for exhibition in the Trout Gallery, and the production of a supporting catalog. Prerequisite: 410

ARTH 500 Independent Study