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Sarah Bair

Professor of Educational Studies (2004)

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57 S College St


She is particularly interested in the history of American education and the lives and work of early twentieth century women educators. Her research has also examined how women's history and African American history have been treated in K-12 curriculum. In addition, professor Bair is interested in orphan education programs in Pennsylvania following the Civil War and in the history of the Scotland School for Veterans' Children.


  • B.A., Albright College, 1987
  • M.A., Shippensburg University, 1992
  • Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, 2001


  • Ganoe Award for Inspirational Teaching, 2008-09

2018-2019 Academic Year

Fall 2018

EDST 130 History of American Education
An examination of the evolution in the purposes, structures, and methodologies of formal and informal education in the United States from the colonial period to the present with particular attention to how marginalized groups have been educated. The course situates educational history within the broader context of social, political, and economic developments in the U.S. and considers ways in which education has been used to meet societal goals.

EDST 310 Policies Shaping American Educ
An examination of the policies that have shaped and continue to shape American Education within the broader context of American educational reform movements. Particular policy(ies) of focus each semester will be selected by the instructor. The course might include an in-depth examination of a particular policy such as school funding. Or, it might examine several policies around a broader concept such as inclusion which could include desegregation, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Title IX, and policies related to English Language Learners. Prerequisites: 120 or 130, and 260 or Social Science Research Methods (AFST 200, AMST 202, ANTH 240, ANTH 241, EASN 310, ECON 228, LAWP 228, PMGT 228, POSC 239, PSYC 211, SOCI 240, SOCI 244, or WGSS 200), or permission of instructor.

Spring 2019

EDST 120 Contemp Iss in Amer Education
An examination of current policies, practices, and problems in the landscape of American education with particular attention to the perspectives of various stakeholders (e.g. teachers, students, families, community leaders, employers, and elected officials). U.S. diversity with respect to race, class, gender, language, and exceptionality is considered within a variety of educational contexts. The course also examines the ways in which educational issues and reform efforts intersect with social, economic, political, and cultural forces.

EDST 470 Senior Seminar
The design and implementation of a study in an individual area of interest within the major concentration culminating in the writing of a conference paper or publishable article. Students will develop a review of the related research literature on their chosen topic using on-line catalogs, databases and other open access resources to access sources, gather data related to their topic employing quantitative, qualitative, and/or historiographic methodologies enhanced by electronic devices as appropriate, analyze their data using digital software as appropriate, write a conference paper or publishable article, electronically submit their conference proposals/articles, and disseminate their work via conference, digital, or paper publication formats. Prerequisites: 120 or 130, and 140, 250, 260, 300 or 310.

EDST 500 Educational Studies Ind Study