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Microfilm & Fiche Readers


Microfilm and Microfiche readers are located on the lower level, near the current journals shelves and library services desk.

This guide is also available as a PDF.

on switch of microfilm reader 1) Turn on the machine with the switch on the side before turning on the computer.
hand pulling end of microfilm from supply reel to load microfilm reader 2) Insert the microfilm reel. Make sure the spool is feeding from the top and goes under the white guide.
hands feeding microfilm beneath reader glass 3) Open the green film chute (by pulling it forward) and guide the film through it.
hands feeding microfilm beneath reader glass 4) Thread the film through the slot in the take-up reel.
hand turning knob to tighten take-up reel 5) Turn the take-up reel knob clockwise to tighten the film around the take-up reel.
buttons to advance and rewind microfilm 6) Advance or rewind the microfilm using the buttons.
hand using rotation knob 7) Rotate the image using the image rotation knob.
focus wheels of microfilm reader 8) On the lens, the grey dial controls the focus and the blue dial controls the zoom.