Dottie Scheneman

I'm Dorothy Scheneman—although almost everyone calls me "Dottie." I have worked with the transfer program since 2001. I have a very interesting position here at Dickinson. I am director of transfer admissions, but I'm also a financial-aid counselor in the financial-aid office. So don't be surprised if you arrive for an interview and find yourself in the financial-aid office! Actually, having experience in both admissions and financial aid has given me a broader understanding of the whole college process and, as a result, I hope I can offer you some assurance and guidance as you navigate the transfer process, which can certainly be stressful at times!

I love working with transfer students, whether they are from another four-year institution or a two-year community or private college. Transfer students at Dickinson are valued members of the campus community and are welcomed and appreciated for their previous experiences and backgrounds.

I invite you to contact me if you have questions about the admissions process or Dickinson itself. You can reach me through e-mail or by phoning the admissions office directly.

All the best,

Dottie Scheneman
Director of Transfer Admissions