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Costumes and Cultural Appropriation


How to Assess the Appropriateness of a Halloween Costume

  • Is it offensive to any race, religion, culture, belief, group of people?
  • Does it mock/make fun of/or represent a certain group of people/culture/belief?
  • Does it reinforce stereotypes?
  • Did people from the other culture endure negative experiences that people from your culture have not?
  • Do you think that because your favorite celebrity/icon/whoever is wearing it, that makes it okay?
  • Why are you "borrowing" this?
  • What is the source? What does this item mean to them?
  • How respectful is this to the culture? What would someone from that group feel about it?











Drawn From: “A Guide to Understanding and Avoiding Cultural Appropriation,” Nadra Kareem Nittle and “Addressing Cultural Appropriation in the Classroom: Tools and Resources,” Jason Papallo and M'Liss DeWald