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Online Events and Activities

Are you looking for something fun to do? The Office of Student Leadership and Campus Engagement has pulled together a few ideas for you!

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Virtual Tours and Museums

Explore the best museums and visit fascinating places from the comfort of your couch! Check out the links below to start taking a tour.

Classes and Events

Do you want to try learning something new? There are a lot of options for online classes to scratch that creative itch!

  • Skillshare is offering free, two month memberships to .edu addresses. This is an amazing opportunity, and means that students, staff, faculty, administrators, can take courses for free. Creative endeavors are a great way to stave off boredom and anxiety! Please use the link here to avoid having to enter payment information.
  • Here is a list of online music festivals – discover new artists and experience live music without having to leave home!
  • The Kennedy Center is offering a live daily doodle session with their Education Artist in-residence, Mo Williams, at 11:00AM MST. Past sessions will be uploaded to their YouTube page.
  • McHarper Manor is also offering daily art tutorials at 11:00AM MST on their Facebook page.
  • 7 free online coding classes from Bill Gates’ favorite websites
  • Metropolitan Opera Live Streams, every night at 7:30 pm through 3/22!

Animal Webcams

Is there a better distraction than animals?! A number of zoos and aquariums have live webcams, from the cuddly to the strange, so take your pick from the options below!

Fitness and Wellness

Staying active is important, and it can be hard when you’re cooped up inside the house. Try out some of these workouts and tips to stay healthy.

Other Fun Activities and Ideas

None of the above tripping your trigger? We’ve got a variety of other ideas to keep you occupied; there’s sure to be one for you!