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Expectations for Fraternities and Sororities

Fraternities and Sororities at Dickinson

This online policy content is provided as a resource for the students, faculty, staff, and administration of Dickinson College. Content is subject to change. Please contact the appropriate person or office to obtain the most current information.

The mission of the college is to prepare young people, by means of a useful education in liberal arts and sciences, for engaged lives of citizenship and leadership in the service of society.
- Dickinson College Mission

The purpose of this section of the Student Handbook is to set basic expectations between Dickinson College and its (general/social) fraternities and sororities which have collegiate chapters in operation at the College, and to explain the mutual benefits and responsibilities which the relationship between these organizations entail.

The College, by action of the President and Board of Trustees, has officially recognized the College Interfraternity Council and the College Panhellenic Council and their constituent member organizations as members of the College Community.

These relationships are founded upon the College's acceptance of fraternities and sororities as a constituent part of campus life and a source of support for the mission of the College. Student participation in sorority or fraternity life offers students a chance to find a group that shares common ideals, encourage leadership and personal development, and excel in academics and the development of a philanthropic mindset. The success of the fraternity and sorority community will depend upon the mutual efforts of the collegiate chapters, headquarters staff, faculty/staff and alumni advisors, and alumni volunteers and association. The College will support efforts through staffing in the Division of Student Life and by guidance and recommendations from the Enrollment Student Life Committee.

Expectations and Responsibilities

The relationship between members of the Greek Community and the College should be one of mutual respect, cooperation, understanding, and trust. This trust is based on shared goals and objectives, expectations of Dickinson College, the College community, fraternity and sorority chapters, and the responsibilities of each within this relationship.

Dickinson College will provide support to Greek Life in the following ways:

  • Advising- Each chapter is required to have staff/faculty advisor, as well as an alumni advisor. The College will appoint a member or members of the Student Life staff to assist in advising the various Councils as well as serving as Greek Life Advisor.
  • Use of campus facilities- All Greek organizations have access to campus facilities according to the guidelines for use within Conference and Special Events Office (CASE), the Student Handbook and Residential Life policies. Failure to adhere to guidelines or community standards may result in restriction of use or removal from housing.
  • Membership/Advisor Support & Development- Student Life Staff will provide ongoing support and training for Panhellenic, IFC, Chapter Presidents & officers, and Alumni and Faculty Advisors in areas including but not limited to leadership development, scholarship, risk management, recruitment, and new member education.

Panhellenic, IFC, college fraternities and sororities are responsible for:

  • Scholarship- Members of all fraternities and sororities are expected to be in good academic standards. Each chapter will have a member of the executive committee who is responsible for working with members on academic support and referral. Members falling below the chapter required GPA for membership for the college minimum of 1.75 for First years or 2.0 for Sophomore and above, whichever is higher, will be placed on social restriction or probation as defined in their bylaws. All members of each fraternity and sorority are required to sign a grade release at the beginning of the year.
  • Risk Management- All chapters are expected to minimize the risk of liability and harm to people and property; to adhere to national chapter and FIPG standards for best practice in risk management; to have a written chapter risk management plan that meets the college's expectations and levels for appropriate insurance coverage and to work with membership on cultivating a culture that holds members accountable for their collective actions. Chapters and members will recognize that the group and individual members are expected to be in compliance with the College's Community Standards, as well as all applicable loccal, state, and federal laws.
  • Financial Management- All chapters are expected to conduct their financial affairs responsibly; pay off debts in a timely manner; and maintain sound financial business practices with outside vendors.
  • Chapter Management- Each chapter is expected to live into the ideals set forth by their founders through a strong program of chapter management that focuses on values that are congruent with the College; develops leaders; forges lifetime connections with individuals and the college; and provides a beneficial extracurricular experience for those involved.

Recognized/Unrecognized Fraternities and Sororities

The fraternity and sorority community at Dickinson College is composed of organizations which have petitioned the college for recognition and have accepted and met the conditions for recognition. The fraternities and sororities are organized under the jurisdiction of their respective governing/coordinating bodies recognized by the College, the College Interfraternity Council and the College Panhellenic Council. These bodies and the fraternity and sorority chapters are recognized as official components of the Division of Student Life and contribute to the fulfillment of its mission and objectives as well as to those of the College.

The following organizations are officially recognized by Dickinson College as of Fall 2018:


  • Delta Sigma Phi - Theta Lambda Chapter
  • Kappa Alpha Psi - Xi Kappa Chapter
  • Sigma Lambda Beta - Sigma Epsilon Chapter


  • Delta Nu - Local Chapter
  • Delta Sigma Theta - Upsilon Delta Chapter
  • Kappa Alpha Theta - Epsilon Lambda Chapter
  • Kappa Kappa Gamma - Epsilon Omega Chapter
  • Pi Beta Phi - PA Gamma Chapter
  • Sigma Lambda Gamma - Beta Epsilon Chapter

Participation in organizations that have had their recognition suspended or revoked by the College is prohibited and is a violation of the Community Standards. These violations may result in individual sanctions up to and including suspension from the College. Organizations will also be charged when an individual is charged with unauthorized fraternity or sorority membership, and unrecognized organizations found to be operating (including participation in recruitment, new member activities, or living in a house or apartment run by or on behalf of an unrecognized group) will face an extension of current sanctions.

Unrecognized Fraternities:

  • Alpha Chi Rho - Phi Beta Chapter
  • Beta Theta Pi - Alpha Sigma Chapter
  • Chi Phi - Omega Chapter
  • Delta Chi - Dickinson Chapter
  • Kappa Sigma - Beta Pi Chapter
  • Phi Delta Theta - PA Epsilon Chapter
  • Phi Epsilon Pi - Iota Chapter
  • Phi Kappa Psi - PA Zeta Chapter
  • Phi Kappa Sigma - Epsilon Chapter
  • Sigma Alpha Epsilon - PA Sigma-Phi Chapter
  • Sigma Alpha Mu - Sigma Chapter
  • Sigma Chi - Omicron Chapter
  • Theta Chi - Pi Chapter
  • Theta Delta Chi - Sigma Chapter
  • Zeta Beta Tau - Iota Chapter
  • Zeta Psi - Alpha Chapter

Unrecognized Sororities:

  • Chi Omega - Delta Chapter
  • Delta Delta Delta - Gamma Epsilon Chapter
  • Gamma Phi Beta - Delta Rho Chapter
  • Phi Mu - Beta Delta Chapter
  • Zeta Tau Alpha - Beta Beta Chapter

Currently the college is not entertaining any new groups or re-colonization of prior groups until the College has completed its review and prioritization of goals from the Fraternity and Sorority Coalition Report of February 2016. Recommendations made in the report regarding expansion will be carefully considered by ESLC and it should be noted that any expansion will be a collaborative conversation between the College and either IFC or Panhellenic as we seek to maintain the appropriate size of our Greek life community.