Financing Professional School

You have chosen an expensive venture. Please keep in mind that the costs begin tallying prior to the start of the application cycle through the end of it. Then they will grow again after you matriculate into professional school. Some items that you will want to discuss and save for prior to your testing and application include:

  • Test preparation materials
  • Test preparation support, if selected by the candidate to use a test preparation company/service
  • Test registration fee and potentially score reporting fees
  • Application fees (ranging from $300 and $3000 or higher)
  • Secondary or supplemental fees
  • Interview attire (business suit, dress shoes, jewelry if needed, padfolio, purse/bag, pen, etc.)
  • Interview travel (including mileage or airfare as well as the additional fees for either)
  • Interview lodging costs, if not staying with a professional school student
  • Food on interview trips
  • "First Look" or “Second Look” visits whenever invited to return for your evaluation of the professional schools as you attempt to make your decision
  • Deposits after accepted to each professional school (ranging from $100 through $2000). Some deposits are refundable whenever you choose not to attend the school later while others are not.

Many parents indicate to their students that they are on their own to pay for graduate or professional school after Dickinson.  As an adult, somehow these decisions are your responsibility from this point in your life onwards.  In addition, there is little financial aid for professional school students. However, you will still need to complete the FAFSA form as soon as possible prior to your professional school entry.

Here are some resources that can help you with your plans going forward:

The good news is that professional schools have a financial aid staff to support you as you prepare to join them and then later as a student. Make friends with the staff members in these departments as they can help you to plan and implement your budget while providing support to help you as a professional school student before transitioning into your life as a young professional.