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Research Experience Notation (REXP)

Registration Deadlines

To register a summer research experience, the registration form/proposal must be submitted through Gateway by July 1.

What is REXP? How is it different from the Internship Notation Program?
The Research Experience Notation (REXP) is Dickinson's official program for recognizing scholarly academic research.  The REXP is different from the Internship Notation Program (INP) in that the principal activity and focus of the research experience is original investigation designed to create new knowledge in a recognized field of inquiry.

The REXP notation is intended to provide formal documentation of scholarly scientific research experiences that take place during the summer under the supervision of a professional researcher at Dickinson or at another institution.  Examples include student-faculty research with a Dickinson faculty member (on campus or at a field site), or participation in a summer research project at another research organization (typically a college or university, private research foundation, etc.).

REXP and the Internship Notation Program (INP) are two different programs.  Please review the Internship Notation Program page for additional information.

If you have questions about this designation, please contact the Director of Internship Programs.

What is involved with REXP?

Students hoping to earn the REXP notation must submit a proposal (500-1000 word limit) at the beginning of the summer to receive preliminary approval to pursue REXP.  At the end of the experience/summer, they must submit:

  • An Abstract (250-word limit) that reports on the outcomes of the completed research experience
  • A Reflective Essay (350-500 word limit) that explains the personal significance of your Research Experience in the context of your academic career at Dickinson.

Upon successful completion of a research experience and corresponding departmental component (approved by the department chair and overseen by the Director of Internship Programs), documentation is placed on the student's official transcript through the REXP 7xx course number.

Why should I register for REXP?

Students engaging in scholarly research during the summer should register with REXP to have their research experience officially recognized and documented on their transcript.

Students may participate in the REXP notation program more than once - they may participate in the REXP each summer if they choose.

How do I register for REXP

Register through the Forms section in Gateway. 

You will know that the registration is submitted correctly and successfully because you will receive an automatically generated confirmation via email.  If you do not receive the confirmation email, please contact the Director of Internship Programs.

I'm not sure if my experience would be appropriate for REXP or the Internship Notation Program.  What should I do?

If you have questions about REXP or the INP, please contact the Director of Internship Programs.