Hello, and thanks for your interest in the Fulbright Program.

In recent years Dickinson students have achieved notable success in being selected as Fulbright scholars, and Dickinson has been recognized as a Top Fulbright School seven times in the past ten years. 

All Fulbright programs are looking to send "cultural ambassadors" overseas. The emphasis is on mutual understanding - as a Fulbright scholar you are there to learn from peoples of other countries, and they are interested to learn about the US from you. That idea is central to the Fulbright organization.

Dickinson students most frequently pursue two types of Fulbright awards - an English Teaching Award (ETA) or a Research/Open Study Award.

  • The ETA is for teaching English, usually at the primary or secondary level, in a host country.
  • A Research/Open Study Award is for conducting an individual research project, in some countries in conjunction with graduate study.

On your language skills. Each country has different expectations of the level of fluency necessary for applicants. You should read through the country summaries to identify countries that are a good fit for your language skills. Fulbright also offers support to learn some languages (Arabic for example) with a Critical Language Enhancement Award.

On choosing a host country Country/Regional. Competition competitiveness may play a role in your final decision, but overall you should choose the country that best suits your project and in which provides the resources necessary for its successful completion. The selection committees are looking for applicants who have specific reasons for applying to go to a country and who have determined that the project is doable in terms of time and preparedness of the applicant.

If you are interested in applying for a Fulbright fellowship, please contact the Fulbright Program Advisers (FPAs) by emailing fulbright@dickinson.edu. In order to apply for a Fulbright, Dickinson students must contact the FPAs by the end of April.

Dickinson Fulbright Application Schedule:

Mar. 30     Information Session - Please register by March 29, even if you cannot attend the session. 

Apr. 20     Preliminary Screening/Interest Form for Fulbright (Class of 2024 + alumni)

Apr. 25     Personal Statement Writing Workshop (Zoom, register through Handshake)

Jun. 15     Preliminary Statement of Grant Purpose (SGP), Personal Statement (PS), and a curriculum vitae/resume

Jul. 15      Revised SGP and PS, create online Fulbright application, submit names of prospective references, if pursuing research application: affiliation organization and name of faculty in discipline with whom you are consulting about research methods

Aug. 15    Revised SGP, PS, drafts of short description/abstract 

Sept. 1     Preliminary applications are due; all contact info for references is entered in online application, short description/abstract is written and entered in online application

Sept. 4-Sept. 15    Committee interviews through Zoom *date range may change*

Sept. 22       Dickinson's deadline - all application materials and references must be submitted in Fulbright online application by 12noon EST


Fulbright Top Producer Digital Badge