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Requirements for the Master’s Degree and Post-Baccalaureate Certificates


Dickinson College offers a ten course Master’s Degree in Managing Complex Disasters (three required courses and any seven of the electives listed below). The College also offers three specialized Certificate programs which focus on aspects of the general theme of Managing Complex Disasters.  Each Certificate requires four courses (two required courses and any two of the electives).

Requirements for the Master’s degree 

The following three (3) core courses are required: 

MGCD 801:  Managing Complex Disasters
MGCD 810:  Mixed Methods in Disaster and Complex Emergency Research   
MGCD 890:  Capstone Seminar   

Students choose an additional seven (7) elective courses from those listed below. 

Requirements for a certificate

All three certificates require the core course (MGCD 801) Managing Complex Disasters.  Each of the three certificates also has one required course specific to that certificate.  Students choose an additional two (2) elective courses from those listed below.   

Certificate Number One - Resilience in the Face of Climate Change, Environmental Degradation and Resource Scarcity

Required course:
MGCD 820:  Environmental Hazards, Global Warming and Resource Depletion 

Electives that are especially appropriate for this certificate:
MGCD 854:  Food Security in a Rapidly Changing World
MGCD 855:  Global Environmental Change and Human Security
MGCD 858:  The Arctic
MGCD 8XX:  Environmental Disasters: Science, Response and Mitigation 

Certificate Number Two - Human and Social Factors in Disaster Situations 

Required course:
MGCD 830:   Psychosocial Dimensions of Disaster 

Electives that are especially appropriate for this certificate:
MGCD 851:  Influence Operations in the Age of Networks
MGCD 853:  Theory and Practice in Humanitarian Response and Human Rights Protection
MGCD 857:  Women, Peace and Security
MGCD 859:  Leading Through Crisis
MGCD 8XX:  Economics of Disaster Recovery

MGCD 8XX:  Intercultural Relations

Certificate Number Three - Coping with Public Health Emergencies 

Required course: 
MGCD 840:  Public Health and Disasters     

Electives that are especially appropriate for this certificate:
MGCD 8XX:  Disasters and Diseases:  How Do the Poor in Developing Countries Cope with Public Health Crises
MGCD 8XX:  Disaster Epidemiology
MGCD 856:  Combatting Developing World’s Health Challenges

Important notes:

  • It is the responsibility of the student to choose and satisfactorily complete courses that fulfill the requirements for a degree or certificate.
  • Only those students who have completed all requirements for the degree/certificate are eligible to participate in the Commencement ceremony each May.
  • A student must pass ten courses (30 credits) for the master’s degree or four courses (12 credits) for a certificate with a cumulative average of 3.00.
  • A student must complete a minimum of seven courses (21 credits) for the master’s degree or two courses (6 credits) for a certificate through Dickinson.