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Thin Sectioning Lab

Thin sectioning of quartzite

The Department of Geology has a full suite of sawing, grinding, and polishing equipment necessary for making polished thin sections including:

  • Highland Park J-3 Slab Saw
  • Makita MK 101 Tile Saw (for trimming)
  • Lortone Trim Saw
  • Buehler Petro-Thin Thin Sectioning System
  • Buehler Isomet Low-Speed Saw
  • Buehler Minimet Polisher
  • Buehler Vacuum Impregnator
  • Buehler Ecomet II
  • Buehler Handimet II
  • Logitech CL50 Compact Lapping/Polishing Machine

For Help in making thin sections, see the department technician.

Directions for Making Thin Sections ( PDF)