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2014 Kulusuk, Greenland

Greenland participants

Thanks to the ongoing generosity of John (GEOL'78) and Susan Pohl ('80), the Earth Sciences department sent another five member team (Ben Edwards, Ariana Auerbach '16, Katie Mattern '16, Amanda Santilla '17, Will Kochtitzky '16) to explore geology and climate change, this time near the second largest ice sheet on earth in Greenland.  The group spent 10 days in Greenland (via Iceland) during August 2014 to examine Paleopreterozoic metamorphic rocks, glacial erosional features, and icebergs.  

The Trip included hiking to see an active, retreating glacier, retreating glacier on Ammassalik Island, examining cm-size garnets in granulite facies gneisses, kayaking with icebergs, close-up (but unplanned) observations of polar bears, distant view of Fin and Minke whales, examination of stone-peat huts and burial sites, and a visit to an active tidewater glacier. 

Trip Photos