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Recent Graduate Outcomes

  • Allison Curley '19, University of Michigan Graduate School
  • Kendra Bonsey '19, University of Arizona Graduate School
  • William Dougherty '18, Staff Scientist, B.L. Industries
  • Niomi Phillips '18, Staff Scientist, B.L. Industries
  • James Fisher '18, USGS Intern current Masters student at Lehigh University
  • Kyle Fitch '18, University of Wyoming Graduate School
  • Will Kochtitzky '16, Graduated from University of Maine with Masters funded by NSF Grant, now at Carleton University for funded PhD.
  • Rebecca Rossi '13, University of Utah with Masters, curently PhD student at Dartmouth
  • Everret Lasher '11, Northwestern University PhD
  • Marci Wills '10, Northern Arizona University with Masters
  • Margaret Jackson '07, PCV, University of Maine with Masters, Dartmouth PhD, Post-Doc in Ireland