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Potter Lecture

Annual Potter Lecture

The annual Potter Lecture is an opportunity for our students to meet and engage established scientists and to have discussions about their research, career paths, graduate school, and career opportunities beyond the limestone walls. We are grateful to all the alumni and friends of the Earth Sciences department who continue to support the Potter Lectureship Endowment. 

Potter Lecture Guest Speakers
Date Speaker Affiliation Title
2023 Kristina Keating Rutgers University, Newark, New Jersey Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Earth Science:  Why it's Important and What we can Do"
2022 Kevin Padian Department of Integrative Biology & Museum of Paleontology, University of California, Berkley Evolution, Education, and "intelligent Design": A View from the Dover Trial
2021 Dorothy Merritts Department of Earth and Environment, Franklin and Marshall College When natural isn't what we thought but matters to dam removal and stream restoration in Pennsylvania
2020 Yarrow Axford Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences, Northwestern University Arctic Meltdown? A Polar Geologist's Long Term Perspective on Climate Change
2019 William Fitzhugh National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution Exploring Circumpolar Culture Connections: 40,000 Years from Yamal to Greenland
2018 Steven Holbrook Virginia Tech What's under Old Faithful? New geophysical images of Yellowstone
2017 Ted Daeschler Academy of Natural Sciences To the ends of the Earth:  Fossil Discoveries from the Age of Fishes in Pennsylvania and Beyond
2016 Lonnie Thompson Ohio State University Global Climate: The Evidence, People and Our Options
2015  Susan Brantley  Penn State University  Fracking: The Pennsylvania Experience 
2014  Rudy Slingerland  Penn State University  Black Diamond, Black Gold, and Black Shale: Pennsylvania's Geological Heritage
2013  David Bottjer  University of Southern California A Climate Carol: A Ghost Story of Greenhouse Mass Extinctions
2012  Frank Pazzaglia  Lehigh University The Fall Zone, Steep Rivers, and Erosion: How Appalachian Geomorphology has Shaped our Nation
2011  Katherine Huntington  University of Washington Signals in Sand: Detrital Mineral Thermochronology and the Evolution of Orogenic Landscapes
2010  John Eichelberger  Volcano Hazard Program; USGS Volcanoes as Geysers
2009  Mark Brandon  Yale University  The Rise and Ruin of Mountains around the Mediterranean over the last 35 Million Years  
2008  Jeremy Jackson  University of California  Biodiversity and Extinction in the Brave New Ocean 
2007  Rob Thieler  Woods Hole, MA  Changing Climate, Changing Coasts: Where we've been and where we may be headed 
2006  Bruce Marsh Johns Hopkins University  In the Boiler Room of Volcanoes:  A View from Antarctica 
2005  Richard Alley  Penn State University Global Warming and Abrupt Climate Change:  How to Make Money by Cleaning up after Ourselves