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Field Experiences & Research

2019 Grise Fiord, Nunavut

Ellesmere Island 2019 polar bear

The final trip of 2019 was an Arctic adventure somewhat unlike any other trip we have done. Prof. Edwards and five students (Alex Wattles ’20, Allison Miller ’20, Muhajir Lesure ’20, Angelo Tarzona ‘21and Cecilie Macpherson ’20) ventured back to the Canadian High Arctic with a target of working on several climate change problems back on Ellesmere Island. For this second trip to Ellesmere we planned to be based out of the village of Grise Fiord, which is the northernmost village in Canada, on the southern shore of Ellesmere Island. We had many unplanned opportunities to see new parts of the Arctic on this trip! Highlights of this trip included finally getting to our destination after 4 days of delay, hiking to see two different glaciers on southern Ellesmere Island, having dinner with residents of Grise Fiord (including the Mayor), getting brief glimpses of beluga whales, and having a private viewing of a polar bear on Cornwallis Island.

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