a castle in Norwich, UK

When studying abroad in Norwich, England, at the University of East Anglia, history is everywhere.

Biochemistry & molecular biology majors often study abroad, and the science curriculum at the University of East Anglia, in Norwich, England, offers a rich course of study.

Course Equivalencies (updated Aug. 2016)

 UEA Course Number 

UEA Course Title Dickinson Course Number  Dickinson Course Title Comments
BIO 4013Y (Fall portion only) Molecules, Genes, and Cells BIOL/CHEM 342 Structure and Function of Biomolecules See * below
BIO 5002A Biochemistry BIOL 343 Metabolism CHEM 343
BIO 5003B Molecular Biology BIOL 417 Molecular Genetics w/lab  
BIO 5005B Cell Biology BIOL 313 Cell Biology w/lab  
BIO 5009A Genetics BIOL 216 Genetics  
BIO 5015B Microbiology BIOL 326 Microbiology w/lab  
BIO 6009A Cancer Biology BIOL 425 The Biology of Cancer w/lab does not fulfill BIOL 4xx required for BCMB major since course does not have a lab 
CHE-5201Y (first semester) plus a second 10 UCU chemistry course   CHEM 244    

Students who want credit for 241 and 242 must go for the year and enroll in CHE-4101Y (Students will also need to take CHE-4001Y, a lab course, to get 241/242 credit).

*Students who have plans to go to medical school or graduate school should NOT take UEA BIO 4013Y.  This is because such students need an in-depth coverage of this material to be ready for the MCATs or GREs, as well as for coursework that would be completed during medical or graduate school.  Such students should take BIOL/CHEM 342 at Dickinson during Spring of Junior or Senior year.  Taking UEA BIO 4013Y should be adequate for a student not interested in pursing graduate study in cell/molecular biology or biochemistry, or not planning to attend medical/vet/dental school, after Dickinson.