Senior Year: Expand Your Story


Seniors at Dickinson have amassed rich experiences during their time at the college. They have established themselves on campus, identified areas of sustained personal commitment and engaged deeply—both inside and outside the classroom.

The senior year offers the chance to put it all together—to make sense of the Dickinson experience and to prepare for what lies ahead. 

The Senior Year

The final year of college is a time of transition, and Dickinson seniors are well equipped to meet the opportunities and challenges they will face. To an extent, the senior year is marked by dichotomies. Seniors look back to determine how they have grown, and they look forward to discern the prospects ahead. Seniors look within to identify the knowledge, skills and dispositions they have gained, and they look outside to determine how they will make a lasting impact in the wider world. They reconnect with the people who have mattered most to them, and they prepare to move away from our limestone enclave.

Through years of study and involvement, seniors have gained an understanding of self, others and the environment around them. A comprehensive appreciation of the Dickinson experience will help position seniors for lives of sustained inquiry, inclusive leadership and engaged citizenship. 

Making the most of your senior year survey

  • Please take this brief survey to begin to reflect on your senior year goals

Signature Programs

  • Senior Reunion
  • Planning Your Senior Year (Career)
  • After Dickinson series
  • Application-based leadership opportunities
  • Phi Beta Kappa
  • Career Preparation
  • Educated Life series
  • Life After Dickinson (Career)
  • Senior class events
  • Baccalaureate and Commencement



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