The First-Year Seminar (FYS) introduces students to Dickinson as a "community of inquiry" by developing habits of mind essential to liberal learning. Through the study of a compelling issue or broad topic chosen by their faculty member, students will:

-Critically analyze information and ideas
-Examine issues from multiple perspectives
-Discuss, debate and defend ideas, including one's own views, with clarity and reason
-Develop discernment, facility and ethical responsibility in using information, and
-Create clear academic writing

The small group seminar format of this course promotes discussion and interaction among students and between students and their professor. In addition, the professor serves as students' initial academic advisor. This course does not duplicate in content any other course in the curriculum and may not be used to fulfill any other graduation requirement.

All Dickinson first-year students arrive on campus for orientation knowing which seminar they will join.

The following First-Year Seminars are offered in the Fall of 2018:

Good and Evil in the Human Imagination: Ethical Issues in Fiction

The Art and Science of Exchange: A Natural History of Global Markets

Bioethics and Bioissues

Does Finance Benefit Society?

The Future of Democracy: Can Government Of, By, & For the People Survive and Flourish in the 21st Century?

Bridging East and West: Cosmopolitans and Cultural Mediators in Modern China

Civil Disobedience in History

Literacy and Liberty

Where Have All the Wild Things Gone?

Indigenous Education: Native Americans, Schooling, and the Carlisle Experiment

The Uses and Abuses of Photography

Race in Brazil: Challenging Discourses

Modernity and Its Legacy: Past Ideas and Their Contemporary Importance

Founding Modernity: Marx, Nietzsche and Freud

More Than a Laughing Matter: Theories of Humor

Life in Africa and the Caribbean: Insight into the French Imperialism Narratives

No Strings Attached: The Puppet as Performance Object and Metaphor

Can a Machine Have a Mind?

Paying the Game of Life: Balancing Proactive and Reactive Financial Decisions Beyond the College Years

Reasonable Faith: The Psychology of Religion

Before Carlisle: Illuminating the Native American Histories of Our Community

Death Penalty

From Facebook to Face Time: Living and Learning in Digital Times

Risk and Resilience

The Divided Mind: Reasoning and Intuition in Our Moral Political Lives

The Great Recession: An In-Depth Examination of the Recent Financial Crisis, Causes, and Aftermath

Science and Sci-Fi: Fictional Earth Is and Isn't as Strange as It Seems

Conceptions of God

The Secret Life of Language: Reasons We Speak the Way We Do

You Mean You Burned ALL the Oil? Energy in the Time of Trump

Music and Soundscapes in Everyday Life

Water: From Abundant Resource to Scarce Good

Daddy, What DId YOU Do in the Great War? How Societies Mobilized for Modern War

Ideas That Have Shaped the World

Gender and Food Culture

Who Owns the Past? Illicit Trade, Appropriation, and Repatriation of Antiquities

In the Society of Machines: Human-Technology Relationships in their Cultural Context

Where is the Electron? The Strange and Fascinating Theory of Quantum Mechanics

The Science of Competition

Precision Medicine: Promises and Pitfalls

Science Friction -- Dystopian Visions