The Dickinson Club provides an opportunity for current and retired employees of Dickinson College to gather, commune, and socialize in a relaxed social environment. The Club also welcomes current and retired faculty of Penn State Dickinson Law and the US Army War College.

When? Select Fridays from 5:00 - 7:00 pm (and maybe longer if we're having too much fun to leave)

UPCOMING: Be sure to join us this Friday, December 2nd, when our honored guests will be (drumroll, please...) the Dickinson President, all Vice-Presidents and all those who serve in the President's "Cabinet!"

Your RSVP is not required, but would be most helpful to our preparations!

What?  Friendly socializing with light fare snacks and a variety of beverage options

Where? The Hartman House, 243 W. Louther St, which is located next to the Clarke Forum (set back and accessible by a front gate) and across the street from Old West and Stern.

Who? You (we hope!), along with whomever you'd like to bring with you, as well as current and maybe former colleagues, new acquaintances, and our honored guests.

How much? We welcome attendees who would like to come a few times first to see if you'd like to join as a member -- which is quite the bargain! $25 for the first year (which gets you free food and drinks at every Friday Club get-together), and $50 thereafter. Options:

  • Write a check made out to "Dickinson Club" and drop it in the cash box in the Hartman House, OR
  • Send $ via Venmo to @TheDickinsonClub

We are also piloting a "pay as you may" plan for those who feel that the membership fee may be cost-prohibitive. Just let our Treasurer, Chauncey Maher know if this is the case for you. 

And if you are a Dickinson employee...

We will be contacting every department to invite you to select a date to be our "Honored Guests" for that week. That said, if you'd like to reach out to us first and secure a date that's good for you before it gets snatched up, please do!

Once you've identified a preferred date, please reserve it on this
Schedule of Honored Guests -- Sign-Up Sheet
and then kindly email & to let us know that you have.

Honored guests are welcome to provide food (reimbursable by the Club for up to $150), but otherwise, there are no expectations for you other than to show up -- and hopefully encourage others to come as well! If you have questions about this, send us an email. We'd be happy to answer them. 

Board Members

President de facto: Scott Farrington, Classical Studies

Vice President: Marni Jones, Access and Disability Services and SOAR

Treasurer: Chauncey Maher, Philosophy

Sommelier: Stephen Erfle, International Business & Management

Biermeister: Jim Fox, Retiree of Penn State Dickinson School of Law

Minister of Spirits and USAWC Liaison: Christian "Cookie" Cook, USN, Faculty Instructor, U.S. Army War College

Viceroy of Victuals: Peter Schadler, Dickinson Professor of Religion

Provisions Procurement Master and Retiree Liaison: A. Pierce Bounds,  Former Dickinson College Photographer

Cody Nielsen, Director of the Center for Spirituality and Social Justice

Sabrina Sondhi, Director of the Dickinson School of Law Library and Professor of Legal Research

Jerry Bower, Dickinson Alumnus




Contact Info

General Information Contact:
Scott Farrington

Communications about being an "Honored Guest":
Marni Jones and

Cody Nielsen 

Payment Questions:

Chauncey Maher

Mailing Address