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CPYB Curriculum


Eight courses

Core (2)
THDA 102: Introduction to Global Dance Studies
THDA 316:  Dance History Seminar: Modernism and the Body

Electives (2)
THDA 204: Fundamentals of Dance Composition
THDA 215: The Thinking Body: Human Anatomy and Movement
INBM 100:  Fundamentals of Business
INBM 110:  Fundamentals of Accounting
INBM 240: Marketing in a Global Context

Ballet Classes (4)
Four semesters (full credit) in studio practice: Ballet instruction at advanced level or higher for two years (THDA 311, 312, 411, 412)
Note: Full credit option limited to declared certificate students only.

Internship (optional; non-credit)

Two semesters of performance (co-curricular) recommended; one semester required (non-credit)