102 Selected Problems in Civilizational Analysis
Exploration of some problem of general human significance as it has been dealt with by two or more of the world's major civilizations.

105 Non-Western Civilizations
A sustained study of a particular non-Western civilization: India, China, Japan, civilizations of the Middle East, Africa, or ancient America.

200 Special Topics in Non-Western Studies
Exploration of topics of general human significance as they have been dealt with in one or more of the world's non-Western civilizations.

490 Issues in Comparative Civilizational Studies
A faculty-student seminar intended for the joint discussion of questions of method and substance arising in the comparative study of civilizations.
Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor(s).

No major or minor is offered in the program.

Courses offered in other departments which fulfill the comparative civilizations graduation requirement are listed each semester with course offerings on the Registrar's web site.