The Physical Education program plays an integral part in the total education of the students at Dickinson.  The program contributes to students’ physical, social and psychological development in addition to helping them become physically educated.  The primary emphases of the physical education program include learning and developing skills and understanding the benefits of physical activity.  In addition, the department is committed to providing a quality of instruction that promotes a healthy lifestyle and encourages participation in lifetime activities.

The Program for Incoming Students

The Physical Education requirement for graduation is as follows:

  • Satisfactory completion of four (4) half-semester blocks of physical education.
  • Four fitness activity courses OR three fitness activity courses and one cognitive physical education course.

Varsity athletes and ROTC students may satisfy the college's physical education requirement through their respective activities. Varsity athletes will receive credit for one block of physical education for each completed season they play a varsity sport. ROTC students will receive credit for one block of physical education for each year they remain in the program.

Sports club and exercise class participants may receive a maximum of two blocks, subject to club approval by the Chair of the Department of Physical Education.

Additional Remarks

Students may repeat a physical education activity course one time. Priority during the course request period will be given to students who have not enrolled in the activity previously. Students are expected to complete the physical education requirement by the end of their sophomore year.

If there is a medical reason why a student cannot participate in the physical education activity program, the student must submit to the Department Chairperson, Paul Richards, a medical statement detailing the extent of the medical problem. Dialogue between the student and the Chair of the department will determine the extent and type of involvement he/she will have in the Physical Education activities.

Most classes are half-semester (one block) in length but some meet once per week for the whole semester. Students are encouraged to check the Course Offerings section of the Registrar's web page to be sure they know which schedule the class will use, prior to enrolling in a class.