Spring 2021

Course Code Title/Instructor Meets
NRSC 400-01 Neuroscience Seminar
Instructor: Meredith Rauhut
Course Description:
The course will be fully remote for the first half of the semester and then switch to in person for the second half of the semester.Advanced seminar in which students will read and review primary literature related to selected topics in the field of neuroscience. Examples of selected topics may include neuroendocrinology, neurobiology of drug addiction, neurobiology of learning and memory or clinical neuroscience. A discussion-style approach will be adopted. Prerequisites: BIOL 132, NRSC 200 and PSYC 125.
0900:TR   ALTHSE 106
NRSC 500-01 The Neurological and Genetic Implications of Multiple Sclerosis
Instructor: Missy Niblock
Course Description:
NRSC 560-01 Collaborative Student-Faculty Research: Nanochemistry of Locomotion in Gastropods
Instructor: Tony Pires
Course Description: