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Spring Reopening: Student Perspectives

Dickinson is inviting students to return to campus for the spring 2021 semester—first years and sophomores are invited to join us in January, and juniors and seniors will return in March, with the population shift occurring during spring break. Planning for all the details of this campus reopening is ongoing, and we know members of our community have many questions about what the campus experience will be like, so we asked several students who have been on campus this fall to share their perspectives, tips and words of encouragement.

George Ladner '21 (political science)

"I've witnessed how eager the dining staff is, maintenence, administrators, professors are to have us all back on campus."

Espoir DelMain '21 (environmental studies, dance)

"Make sure that you have all of the masks that you need, and talk with your friends before you see them in person about what the boundaries might be."

Muhammad Burhan '21 (computer science, mathematics)

"Taking classes outside really inspires me and keeps me motivated."

Robin Okunowo '21 (philosophy, environmental studies)

"You can still feel a sense of community."

Bruno Kaboyi '21 (mathematics)

"Work with your peers--everybody's in the same boat right now. Talk with your professors, talk with people who are on [campus]. The administration is very open to input."

Phil Butler '21 (policy management)

"While it won't be the same, it's more important now than ever to look out for and be part of a community focused on safety, while still being able to have fun."