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Religion Departmental Honors Archive

The following list includes the names of Dickinsonians who have earned departmental honors, the thesis/project title, and the year of conferral. If there is no thesis or project title, the conferring department only will be listed. Each academic department (or program) has its own criteria for awarding departmental honors. Please see the Advising Guide or elsewhere on the department’s main website for details.

Sophia Ava Asbell (2024)
Coming of Age on the Big Screen: Portrayal of Bar and Bat Mitzvahs in American Film and Television

Christopher D Scharf (2022)
The Miracle of Christ as a Product of a Unitary State

Aidan P Birth (2021)
The Eucharist During a Time of Pandemic: A Look into the Past, Current Practices, and Future Considerations"

Henry Andrew Olree (2021)
Comparing Goals and Methods in Zen Buddhism and Wittgenstein

Shuyan Huang (2019)
Foreigners Among Their Own Kinsmen-How Tibetan Catholic Communities Survive and Thrive in the Tibetan Regions Along the Yunnan-Tibetan Borders

Holden Elijah Sweger (2019)
Iconocentric Mysticism in Byzantine Christianity and South Asian Religions

Christian Morgan Sweger (2018)
Self and Service: The Grounds of the Engaged Spirituality of Thomas Merton and Thich Nhat Hanh

Zachary George Garrett (2017)
Death to the World: the Last Punks-Monks

Kathleen Louise Getaz (2017)
Religious Actors in Intractable Conflict: Case Studies from the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Amanda Michelle Gvozden (2015)
Therapeutic Effects of Spiritual Practice for Individuals with Temporary Lobe Epilepsy

Ryan Lindsay Corbett (2013)
From Liberation to Coexistence: Redefining Palestinian Liberation Theology

Samantha Kimberle McGovern (2010)
Ardhanarisvara within the God-Image: An Exploration of the Androgynous Deity in Hindu Tantra and Jungian Psychology

Justin Cassius Wisner (2009)
The Resurgence of Enochic Religion

Alexander William Froom (2008)
Living the Narrative: The Reflection of Navajo Mythology in Navajo Social Institutions

Jeffrey Christopher Reese (2007)
Illumination in Saints Augustine and Maximus the Confessor: Differing Emphases within a Common Neoplatonic Heritage

Rebecca Jane Worsham (2007)
The Eleusinian Mysteries: The Archaeology of the Ritual

Christine Ann McCreary (2005)
Coptic Influences Behind Celtic Design: Logical Fallacies and Evidential Problems of Traditional Theories

Jeffrey Scott Meyer (2005)
The Divine Liturgy of St. Gregory of Nazianzus: Text, History, Theology

Marie Elizabeth Dougherty (2004)
Departmental Honors in Religion

Kristy Lee Medvetz (2001)
Departmental Honors in Religion

Jennifer Susan Pavelko (2000)
Embracing Ambivalence: Towards a Post-Holocaust German-Jewish Identity

Marthe Cristiane Weyandt (2000)
Departmental Honors in Religion

Patrick Anthony Hatcher (1994)
A Model of Syncretism and Indonesian Religions

Lara Mary Wulff (1994)
Anabaptist Women in the Reformation: Theology, Practice, and Social Roles

James Calvin Davis (1992)
Crossing the Chasm: Puritan Influences in Edward Taylor and Anne Bradstreet

Josephine Johnson (1979)
A Study of Gospels

Yale Asbell (1978)
Comparative Chinese and Greek Alchemical Traditions: A study in Meaning and Ontology

John V Griffith (1969)
The Gnostic Answer to the Problem of the One and the Many