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Congratulations to GIS students, Chloe and Tabea

  Advancing Sustainability   Photo by Carl Socolow ’77. 2014-15 Baird Sustainability Fellows announced Now in its third year, the Baird Sustainability Fellows program recognizes Dickinson seniors who have advanced sustainability goals through their scholarship, leadership and service efforts. Named for Spencer Fullerton Baird, a prominent 19th-century naturalist and Dickinson alumnus, the program this year […]


Temperature- Dependent Sex Determination (TSD) of Painted Turtles, Chrysemys picta

The project that I have been undertaking during the spring 2014 semester is based on Professor Scott Boback’s research on Painted turtle nesting at a man-made pond located in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. The specific study site is located at the Hunstsdale Fish Hatchery in Huntsdale, Pennsylvania. The sex of an embryo is temperature-dependent and has […]


Dickinson Running Routes with Difficulty – Anne Dyroff

The Dickinson College cross-country team has created a large number of running routes in the Carlisle area. Each running route is communicated to new members of the team via word-of-mouth. The problems addressed with this project are the difficulty in learning all of the available running routes through Carlisle, and the lack of knowledge about […]


3-D Map of Vatnsskarð Pillow Ridge Quarry, Iceland

A quarry at Vatnsskarð, which is part of the Krisuvik fissure system in southwestern Iceland, provides exceptional exposures of the stratigraphy and insights into the formation processes of a glaciovolcanic, pillow-dominated tindar. The active part of the quarry is ~0.5 km wide and 0.7 km long, while the overall width of the ridge at this […]


How Diverse are our Trees? An Analysis of the Trees on Dickinson College’s Campus

Urban forests, much like those of college campuses can be unbalanced in species diversity, and richness, which can lead to devastation. By determining these factors and applying a standard guide, the health of the forest is able to be established, and in doing so creating a better way to manage the trees. The standard guide […]


The spatial distribution of weathering on Basse-Terre Island, Guadeloupe

The aim of this study is to investigate the spatial relationship between chemical weathering on Basse-Terre and two spatially varying factors; precipitation and bedrock age. Basse-Terre, the large western island of Guadeloupe archipelago, and is part of the Lesser Antilles volcanic arc in the eastern Caribbean. The island is comprised entirely of andesite bedrock that […]


Unmapped Trails in Michaux State Forest

Michaux State Forest provides countless trails for a wide range of outdoor activities. The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) has worked hard to maintain these trails and provide sufficient information about them so that they are easily accessible and remain safe for public use. Although there are already extensive trails for use, […]


Prioritizing Stream Remediation Efforts in Pennsylvania’s Michaux State Forest

Bryan (Poster Final Draft): This project addresses the question of how to most effectively allocate stream remediation measures within the Michaux State Forest. The Michaux State Forest has a wide variety of streams and water trails within its boundaries. The park service realizes that a number of these streams are in need of varying degrees of […]


Effective Site Management Using GIS: Using Sophisticated GPS Equipment to Map ALLARMs Riparian Buffer

Starting in 2012, the Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring (ALLARM), with help from a grant from the Dickinson College Farm, began working to vegetate and manage its own riparian buffer. A riparian buffer is a vegetated area next to a stream or body of water. Usually comprised of native species, riparian buffers promote good overall […]


Catchment Basin Areas in Baxter State Park

Understanding upstream catchment basin areas of culverts add to the analysis of both the quality of infrastructure as well as the stream habitat. Mr. Richard Morrill is the Resource Manager of Baxter State Park in Maine and is interested in understanding how the area of the upstream catchment basin of culverts may impact fish habitat. […]