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Blake Wilson

Professor of Music (1993)

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on sabbatical 2016-17


Weiss Center for the Arts Room 210


Blake Wilson teaches courses in music history, film music, and directs the Dickinson Collegium. Both as performer and scholar, he specializes in music of the late Middle Ages and Renaissance, and his research interests include the music of renaissance Italy (especially Florence), performance practice, compositional process, and the relationship between music and other disciplines (rhetoric, poetry, visual art). His current work concerns the interaction of oral and written musical traditions in the culture of Renaissance Florence, the early madrigal, and the works of Heinrich Isaac (the primary recipient of Medici musical patronage).


  • B.A., University of California at Berkeley, 1978
  • M.M., Indiana University, 1982
  • Ph.D., 1987

2015-2016 Academic Year

Fall 2015

MUEN 009 Collegium Musicum
May Not Be Audited.

MUAC 352 J.S. Bach and His World
The vocal and instrumental compositions of Bach represent one of the greatest achievements of Western culture. Bach's output as a composer was strongly conditioned by the specific conditions under which he worked, and these conditions changed often as the restless and experimental young Bach became dissatisfied with one position after another, and sought ever more advantageous circumstances. Through close reading of secondary sources, and analysis of primary documents and scores, this course tracks Bach's odyssey as a composer, performer and teacher within the shifting matrix of political, religious, cultural, and personal conditions of his life.

Spring 2016

MUEN 009 Collegium Musicum
May Not Be Audited.

FLST 210 Music in Film
Cross-listed with MUAC 221-01.An introduction to the role and subject of music in film. This course will focus upon films made between ca. 1933 and the present, chosen for the variety and significance of their musical scores. Through critical reading, listening, and viewing, students will be taught to analyze the various functions of music in film, and to appreciate music as an essential and distinctive component of film narrative. No prior background in music is required for this course. This course fulfills the Arts (Division I C) distribution requirement.

MUAC 221 Music in Film
Cross-listed with FLST 210-02.