Faculty Profile

Steve Weinberger

Robert Coleman Professor of History (1969)

Contact Information

on sabbatical Fall 2016


Denny Hall Room 217


His teaching interests center on medieval and Renaissance history, European intellectual history, and the history of film. His current research involves conflict in medieval society, and censorship in the American film industry.


  • B.A., Northeastern University, 1965
  • M.A., University of Wisconsin, 1966
  • Ph.D., 1969

2016-2017 Academic Year

Spring 2017

FLST 201 The History of Film
Cross-listed with HIST 279-01.

HIST 223 Renaissance Europe
A study of prevailing conditions (social, economic, political, and cultural) in western Europe with particular attention given to the achievements and failures of the Renaissance. Offered every other year.

HIST 257 European Intellectual History
Main currents of Western thought from the 17th century to the present with emphasis upon the interaction of ideas and social development. Offered every other year.

HIST 279 The History of Film
Cross-listed with FLST 201-01.