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Barry Tesman

Professor of Mathematics; Theodore & Catherine Mathias Chair in Mathematics (1989)

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Tome Scientific Building Room 233


His recent research is in the application of the theory of meaningfulness in measurement theory to graph colorings, in particular, list and T-colorings.


  • B.S., Colby College, 1981
  • Ph.D., Rutgers University, 1989

2016-2017 Academic Year

Fall 2016

MATH 170 Single Variable Calculus
The study of real-valued functions, including transcendental functions, limits, derivatives and their applications, the definition of the Riemann integral, and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.Three hours of classroom and one and a half hour of lab per week. Prerequisite: 151 or departmental placement. Offered every semester.

MATH 311 Applied Combinatorics
An advanced course in discrete mathematics introducing the basic tools of combinatorics and their applications. The course will consider the three basic problems of combinatorics; counting, existence and optimization. Prerequisite: 211. Offered even numbered spring semesters.

Spring 2017

MATH 201 Introduction to Graph Theory
An introduction to the theory and applications of graph theory. We will study the structure and properties of graphs, together with a variety of applications. Topics include: paths, cycles, trees, connectivity, matchings, colorings, planarity, directed graphs, and algorithms.

MATH 270 Integration & Infinite Series
The study of methods of integration, applications of the integral, elementary differential equations, and infinite sequences and series.Prerequisite: 171 or departmental placement. Offered every spring.