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Sarah Skaggs

Director of Dance, Assistant Professor of Dance (2008)

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Montgomery House



  • B.A., Sweet Briar College, 1979
  • M.F.A., Hollins University, 2007

2014-2015 Academic Year

Fall 2014

THDA 111 Ballet Instruction I
Classes taught by CPYB faculty under the direction of Marcia Dale Weary founder and artistic director of the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet CPYB. Instruction will utilize the precise, disciplined and repetitive methods of ballet training developed by Ms. Weary. Careful consideration to alignment, placement and proper execution of steps will be covered in depth. Dickinson students at all levels of experience are welcome but will be required to take the official placement class usually held during the first week of the semester. All classes are taught at the CPYB Warehouse and Barn studio during studio hours on or after 4:30 Monday through Friday and at 9am Saturday with other possible classes until 4pm. When taken for .5 academic credit, these courses do not fulfill a distribution requirement, but will carry 2 PE blocks. In order to qualify for 2 PE blocks, a student must take three hours of ballet weekly throughout the semester. Classes also count for those students enrolled in the CPYB Certificate program. When taken for 1 full academic credit, these courses satisfy the DIV I.c. distribution requirement and 2 PE blocks.

THDA 121 Modern Dance I
Students also earn 1 P.E. Block.

THDA 200 Fundamentals of Dance
A studio based survey course that introduces the student to the socio-political contexts that gave rise to predominant movement genres in Western theatrical dance: ballet, jazz, tap, musical theater, hip hop and modern dance. Themes such as the impact of the slave trade on dance forms, class divisions within popular and aesthetic dance, and the rise of individual expression in modern dance will be explored. Through interactive lectures, discussions, studio practice, viewings, and guest teachers, students will engage with the material on multiple levels with an emphasis on finding a historical approach to developing a creative voice.

THDA 204 Fundamentals of Choreography
A studio-based course designed to introduce the student to various tools to generate and create original dance compositions. Basic elements such as time, space, energy, dynamics, movement generation, and quality are explored in addition to multiple structuring devices. Using an interdisciplinary lens, this course offers a different approach to art making from related fields such as visual art,literature, and media in order to treat dance composition as a relevant response to the contemporary moment. Prerequisite: 200, or permission of the instructor. One studio course in dance is recommended.

THDA 221 Modern Dance II
Students also earn 1 P.E. Block.

THDA 321 Modern Dance III
Students also earn 1 P.E. Block.