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Sarah Skaggs

Associate Professor of Dance; Director of Dance (2008)

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Montgomery House


Sarah Skaggs, artistic director of Sarah Skaggs Dance, is an internationally renowned choreographer from New York City. She has received numerous fellowships -- from The National Endowment for the Arts, The Jerome, Harkenss, Greenwall, and Rockefeller foundations. Her work focuses on the relationship between the body and spirituality as impacted by social and political crises. Recently, she completed a multi-year cycle of choreographic works dealing with the body and disaster, particularly with respect to September 11th. At Dickinson she teaches Dance History, Modern Technique, Somatics, and Choreography.


  • B.A., Sweet Briar College, 1979
  • M.F.A., Hollins University, 2007

2017-2018 Academic Year

Fall 2017

THDA 102 Intro to Global Dance Studies
This is an introductory course that explores dance forms from six different regions: Africa, India, North America, Europe, South America and Asia. Focus will be on how dance functions within various social structures and how these functions operate to re-inscribe, contest or legitimate race, class, and gender identity formations. Issues such as authenticity, hybridity, cultural tourism and globalization will be examined. Through an interactive classroom, guest artists and studio work, we will gain a deeper kinesthetic understanding of how dance can operate as a powerful cultural tool, glue or agent for social change. Offered every two years.

THDA 111 Ballet: Classical Ballet
Students may earn 2 P.E. Blocks.

THDA 127 Contemporary Ballet
Students also earn 1 P.E. Block

THDA 495 Senior Project
A culminating experience for students completing the Theatre major with emphasis in Dramatic Literature, Acting/Directing, or Dance. The specific nature of projects will be determined on an individual basis, but all senior projects will consist of at least two of the following: a) scholarship, b) technical/production work, and c) performance. Students will register for .5 course credit in the fall semester, during which planning and research will be conducted, and .5 in the spring, during which presentation of the project will occur. Prerequisite: four .25 course credits in THDA 190.