Faculty Profile

Ted Pulcini

Thomas Bowman Professor of Religion and Philosophy (1995)

Contact Information

on partial sabbatical 2013-14


East College Room 203A


His teaching responsibilities focus on exploring the Biblical texts in their historical, social, and comparative contexts. He also specializes in Islam, early Christianity, and Eastern Orthodox Christianity. Research interests include relations between Islam and Christianity, both past and present.


  • B.A., Harvard College, 1976
  • M.A., University of Notre Dame, 1979
  • Th.M., Harvard Divinity School, 1982
  • Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, 1994

2013-2014 Academic Year

Fall 2013

RELG 390 Interpreting Religion
An advanced introduction to some fundamental issues of theory and method in the academic study of religion. Selected religious phenomena will be examined using the perspectives such as those of the history of religions, psychology, sociology, anthropology, philology, philosophy, and theology. Emphasis will be placed upon methods of research and styles of writing in the study of religion. This course fulfills the WR graduation requirement.

Spring 2014

RELG 107 New Testament in Context
Cross-listed with JDST 107-01.

JDST 107 New Testament in Context
Cross-listed with RELG 107-01.

RELG 490 Senior Seminar
Advanced investigation of methods and critical perspectives for the study of religion with a focus to be determined by the instructor. Writing enriched. Prerequisite: 390 or permission of the instructor.

MEST 550 Independent Research