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Michael Potthoff

Department Technician

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Rector North Room 1308

2015-2016 Academic Year

Fall 2015

BIOL 129 Changing Ocean Ecosystem W/Lab
An introduction to the biology of marine communities, including salt marshes and mangroves, intertidal zones, reefs, and deep-sea vents, among others. For each community, the physical characteristics of the environment as well as the physiological adaptations of the resident species will be examined. We will also focus on how marine communities are changing in response to anthropogenic stresses in light of concepts such as diversity indexes, keystone species, and disturbance theory. Selected readings from the primary literature and the popular press are required. Laboratory projects will emphasize experimental design and hypothesis testing. Three hours classroom and three hours laboratory a week. This course fulfills either the Lab Sciences (Division III) distribution requirement or QR graduation requirement.