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Jennifer Halpin

Director of the Dickinson College Farm (2007)

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Kaufman Hall Room 183


  • B.A., Providence College, 1994

2016-2017 Academic Year

Fall 2016

FDST 201 Introduction to Food Studies
This course introduces students to Food Studies, an interdisciplinary field that examines food through biological, cultural, ecological, economic, and other perspectives. We will treat questions of hunger, food production/procurement, inequality, ecology, food labor, health, including psychology, and the diversity of ethical, cultural, and spiritual meanings regarding food. The course will include opportunities for students to engage in active observation, experimentation, and hands-on learning through community partnerships and the College Farm. Students will encounter reading/viewing assignments from a wide range of disciplines. This course will also be open to students who do not intend to complete the Food Studies certificate but would simply like an interdisciplinary understanding of the workings of food.

ENST 550 Independent Research