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Stephen Erfle

Associate Professor of International Business and Management (1989)

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on partial sabbatical 2015-16


Althouse Hall Room 102


Is coauthor of Managerial Economics: Economic Tools for Today’s Decision Makers, 7th edition, Pearson, 2013 with Paul Keat and Philip Young. He is interested in interdisciplinary research and teaching pedagogy. He has consulted for Seagram Classics Wine Company and the Pennsylvania Department of Health and his published research ranges from political geography and communications theory to physical education and public health.

Curriculum Vitae


  • B.S., University of California at Davis, 1977
  • B.A., 1977
  • M.A., Harvard University, 1981
  • Ph.D., 1983

2015-2016 Academic Year

Fall 2015

INBM 220 Managerial Economics
Applies the principles and methods of economics to analyze problems faced by managers in a business or other type of organization. This course emphasizes how managers can (and should) use economic tools to further the objectives of the organization. Emphasis is on application of theory to actual business decisions. Many applications will require students to build economic models using spreadsheets, just as they will be required to do in a business setting. Prerequisite: ECON 111 and INBM 110. This course fulfills the QR graduation requirement.

INBM 300 Global Supply Chain Mgmt
The course is an Introduction to managing global supply chains and operations within the context of an integrated value chain. The class presents a framework in today’s global business environment to provide a competitive advantage resulting in increased revenue and improved profitability. Topics include global strategies for procurement and supply chain management, total cost of ownership, insourcing vs. outsourcing, total quality management, inventory management, distribution and logistics management, design engineering management, global organizational considerations, negotiations, key metrics of supply chain performance, and legal and ethical considerations.

INBM 500 Independent Study

INBM 550 Independent Research