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Douglas Edlin

Associate Professor of Political Science (2004)

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Denny Hall Room 305


His research and teaching interests are in comparative constitutionalism, the judicial process and judicial review, the legal and policy issues raised by developments in assisted reproductive technology, and the politics of race and gender in the United States.


  • B.A., Hobart College, 1988
  • M.A., University of Pennsylvania, 1990
  • J.D., Cornell Law School, 1993
  • Ph.D., Oxford University, 2002

2014-2015 Academic Year

Spring 2015

POSC 248 The Judiciary
Cross-listed with LAWP 248-01.

LAWP 248 The Judiciary
Cross-listed with POSC 248-01.

LAWP 255 Philosophy of Law
Cross-listed with PHIL 255-01.

PHIL 255 Philosophy of Law
Cross-listed with LAWP 255-01.

LAWP 400 Race and the Judicial Process
This course will serve as a capstone experience for Law and Policy majors. It will echo the key principles covered in the Foundations class, including an appreciation for (1) fluid interdisciplinarity, (2) the contingent nature of knowledge, (3) connections to the wider world beyond the college, (4) principle-based models of leadership, (5) the meaningful application of ethics, and (6) the role of stakeholder values in problem analysis and decision making processes. Emphasis will be placed on helping students refine their interdisciplinary approach to the topics of law and policy in a liberal arts framework. The seminar will give students one last comprehensive look at a series of policies to see how a legal regime limits policy choices and how the policy process informs and limits laws. Prerequisites: LPPM 200.

POSC 500 Independent Study

POSC 550 Independent Research