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Douglas Edlin

Associate Professor of Political Science (2004)

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Denny Hall Room 305


His research and teaching interests are in comparative constitutionalism, the judicial process and judicial review, the legal and policy issues raised by developments in assisted reproductive technology, and the politics of race and gender in the United States.


  • B.A., Hobart College, 1988
  • M.A., University of Pennsylvania, 1990
  • J.D., Cornell Law School, 1993
  • Ph.D., Oxford University, 2002

2015-2016 Academic Year

Fall 2015

FYSM 100 First-Year Seminar
The First-Year Seminar (FYS) introduces students to Dickinson as a "community of inquiry" by developing habits of mind essential to liberal learning. Through the study of a compelling issue or broad topic chosen by their faculty member, students will: - Critically analyze information and ideas - Examine issues from multiple perspectives - Discuss, debate and defend ideas, including one's own views, with clarity and reason - Develop discernment, facility and ethical responsibility in using information, and - Create clear academic writing The small group seminar format of this course promotes discussion and interaction among students and their professor. In addition, the professor serves as students' initial academic advisor. This course does not duplicate in content any other course in the curriculum and may not be used to fulfill any other graduation requirement.

POSC 248 The Judiciary
Cross-listed with LAWP 248-01.

LAWP 248 The Judiciary
Cross-listed with POSC 248-01.

LAWP 255 Philosophy of Law
Cross-listed with PHIL 255-01.

PHIL 255 Philosophy of Law
Cross-listed with LAWP 255-01.

LAWP 500 Independent Study

Spring 2016

LAWP 200 Foundations in Policy Studies
Cross-listed with PMGT 200-01.

PMGT 200 Foundations in Policy Studies
Cross-listed with LAWP 200-01.

LAWP 400 Biomedical Tech, Policy & Law
This course examines the legal, ethical and policy issues surrounding developments in biomedical technology, with a focus on surrogate motherhood, in vitro fertilization, stem cell research and cloning. We will study the scientific advances in these areas along with their practical applications. We will consider how the different individual and institutional perspectives of scientific, political and legal actors combine to frame the policy debate about the use and regulation of cutting-edge medical and scientific research.

LAWP 550 Independent Research