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Grant Braught

Professor of Computer Science (1997)

Contact Information

on sabbatical Spring 2017


Tome Scientific Building Room 234


His current research interests are in the area of bio-inspired computing. In particular he focuses on evolutionary neural networks, interactions between learning and evolution, evolutionary and developmental robotics and swarm intelligence. He is also active in computer science education research, with recent projects evaluating the effects of tool design, feedback mechanisms and pair programming on student behaviors and learning.


  • B.S., Dickinson College, 1990. M.S., Pennsylvania State University, 1995
  • Ph.D., Nova Southeastern University, 2005

2016-2017 Academic Year

Fall 2016

COMP 132 Computer Science II w/Lab
A problem-solving course that utilizes object-based software design using Java. Topics include code modularity and reusability, recursion, data storage, and the empirical and theoretical comparison of elementary algorithms. The lab component focuses on programming as a tool for solving problems and simulating real-world events. Prerequisite: 131 or one year of object oriented programming in Java and instructor's permission. Three hours classroom and two hours laboratory a week. Offered every semester.

COMP 491 Fall Senior Seminar
Students define and begin a year-long project. Written and oral presentation of project progress reports will be required. Contemporary social, ethical, technical and philosophical issues in computer science will also be examined. Prerequisite: Senior standing. Offered every fall.

Summer 2017

INTD 250 Six Degrees of Harry Potter
A topics course that examines an issue by incorporating approaches and perspectives from two or more of the fundamental branches of the academic curriculum: the arts, humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. Prerequisite dependent upon topic.