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Suman Ambwani

Assistant Professor of Psychology (2008)

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Kaufman Building Room 164


Suman Ambwani received her Ph.D. in Psychology (Clinical) from Texas A&M University and completed her clinical internship at the Medical University of South Carolina. Her scholarship has concentrated in the areas of eating disorders and obesity, borderline personality disorder, and cross-cultural considerations in psychological assessment. Her current research focuses on 1) the development and evaluation of guided self-help interventions for people with Anorexia Nervosa, and 2) understanding etiological and maintenance factors for eating-related psychopathology.


  • B.A., Macalester College, 2003
  • M.S., Texas A&M University, 2005
  • Ph.D., 2008

2013-2014 Academic Year

Fall 2013

PSYC 365 Rsrch Meth in Clinical Psych
This course will introduce various strategies used in empirical research of clinical phenomena. Practice in behavioral observation systems, structured clinical interviews, and assessment techniques will be gained as students conduct research and write research reports in the area of clinical psychology. Three hours classroom plus three hours laboratory a week. Prerequisites: 165, 201 and 202.

PSYC 500 Independent Study

PSYC 500 Independent Study

Spring 2014

PSYC 201 Design of Psychological Resch
Completion of both PSYC 201 and PSYC 202 fulfills the WR Requirement.

PSYC 465 Biopsych Perspec on Disord Eat
Students read and discuss primary sources in theoretical and applied clinical psychology to gain a deeper understanding of the processes of assessment and treatment used with various psychopathological conditions. Prerequisites: 201 and 202.

PSYC 550 Independent Research

PSYC 550 Independent Research