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Mohammad Abu Shuleh

Visiting International Scholar in Middle East Studies (2012)

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Denny Hall Room 10B


Since 2004, Mohammad Abu Shuleh has worked as an administrator and instructor at Qasid Arabic Institute in Amman, Jordan. As the Director of Academic Development at Qasid, Abu Shuleh has played an intricate role in the development of the institute’s teaching materials and training programs. After completing degrees in Islamic Studies at the University of Jordan and Al al-Bayt University, Abu Shuleh enrolled in Yarmouk University where he has completed his coursework for a doctorate in Islamic Banking and Economics. A certified interviewer in the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview, Abu Shuleh has received a diploma from the University of Jordan in curriculum development and teaching methods.


  • B.A., The University of Jordan, 2000
  • M.A., Al al-Bayt University (Jordan), 2005

2014-2015 Academic Year

Fall 2014

ARBI 101 Elementary Arabic
An introduction to Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). Introduction to speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in the standard means of communication in the Arab world.

ARBI 211 Intermediate Arabic
Introduction to conversation and composition building on the skills developed in 101 and 102. Prerequisite: 102.

ARBI 360 Topics in Mod Standard Arabic
Thematic study of Arabic language and culture, with emphasis on close reading, comprehension and interpretation, and on honing oral expression and comprehension. Prerequisite: 212, or permission of instructor. This course fulfills the Division I.b. distribution requirement.

INBM 500 Independent Study

Spring 2015

ARBI 102 Elementary Arabic
Continued introduction to MSA with more advanced development of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills through a greater degree of interaction in the classroom. Prerequisite: 101.

ARBI 212 Intermediate Arabic
Continued development of conversation and composition skills using current political and social events, stories, essays, and other materials as the topics for discussion and writing assignments. Prerequisite: 211.

ARBI 500 Arabic Independent Study