As an institution of higher learning, Dickinson emphasizes that students put academics first. Fraternity and sorority organizations have scholarship chairs who provide resources and events to help keep their members academically motivated. National organizations offer scholarships for members to help promote the value of education with a Greek membership.   

Leadership Development

Greek organizations are student-lead groups that allow for their members to reach their full potential in any position within the organization. Students can take leadership postitions in many functional areas, like finance, marketing and communitications, recruitment and philanthropy. Many organizations also offer rewards for members who hold leadership positions outside of the Greek community.  

Social Engagement

Greek life is about forming bonds and friendships that will last forever. Each member is surrounded by a close-knit community of people who genuinely care about their wellbeing. This allows each member to reach their full potential for personal growth. The entire Greek community on Dickinson's campus provides a diverse network of potential encounters based on similar core beliefs. Therefore, a member becomes strong through engaging with all members of every organization in social and offical meetings. 

Philanthropy & Service

Each organization has a signature philanthropy to which they choose to dedicated time and resources. Each organization requires service hours, but many members are already passionate about dedication to service. These hours are completed during weekly Greek organized service events or through other organizations on campus. 

Career Networking

Membership does not end with graduation. All organizations have alumni chapters that provide a national and international network of people who know the standards of the organization. This provides possible job opportunities for all graduates that continue throughout their lives.